Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Wheels

Introducing the new Boldischar baby. The new van! Fiona and Nora love it for the magic doors and DVD player. Simple pleasures.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

On this day in 1996: it was senior year at BSM, Jim and I were both in the same class together, we had secret crushes on one another, I got the courage to give him a small valentine and was shocked to get one from him too, we took a class field trip to a grade school where I first noticed how great he was with kids.

On this day in 2012: Jim and I have been together for 16 years, happily married for 11.5, have two beautiful children and another one on the way, I get to watch every day how wonderful he is with our children. We've been through ups and downs and through it all the overwhelming lesson has been that together we can do anything. I love him more today then I ever thought possible or dreamt of watching him play with school kids all those years ago. So much happened because we exchanged Valentines 16 years ago.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sick Bay

I am running a sick bay here at the Boldischar home. It is just about to the ridiculous level now around here. Nora had horrible croup 8 days ago and is still sick. We've back and forth to the doctor with her, tried two steroids, an antibiotic, and several nebulizers, yet she still coughs most of the day and night. She cannot be alone at night when she coughs, so sleep has not happened here in quite awhile. Despite my very best efforts, Fiona got the same bug yesterday and with her history of serious asthma we are on high alert around here. I've been keeping her calm, at home, giving emergency inhalers around the clock for 24 hours and so far there are so signs of improvement. I have a feeling that I know what is coming next. I just put her to bed with one of the highest fevers she has ever had (she isn't a fever kid) and a hopefully lucky dose of Motrin. I feel horrible when my kids are sick, like any mother, but worry that extra bit with Fiona for her breathing. It would be really nice if this illness would leave my house and not come back for a long time. I just wanted these last hand full of weeks before the baby comes to be enjoyable. Fingers crossed they still can be.

I feel a familiar tickle in my throat as I type this and shudder at the thought of going down with this ship. Blasted coughs.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

100 Days

Happy 100th of Kindergarten, Fiona!

To celebrate the big day, Fiona had to collect and count 100 of something. She chose chocolate kisses. It was a fun lesson!

We are so proud of Fiona. She just loves school, does really well there and is a great helper in the classroom. Fiona is reading very well on her own and has worked hard on perfecting her letters. She often leaves us notes around the house, which we all love.

I can't believe how fast this school year is going. Next up, first grade!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Croup is Crap Part 2

Years ago that was a blog post subject for little Fiona. Now it's Nora's turn. Our little girl came into us at 1am with that nasty seal bark cough, the one we know all too well from Fiona's six times having it.

Nora and Jim were in the ER for several hours, but just like her sister Nora was a trooper. In this picture she is telling us that she is better.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nuk Fairy

As anyone who knows Nora knows, she loves two things in life her Lovey and her Nuky (aka pacifier). She openly calls them her friends and lately her friends have been hanging out with her everywhere. While that isn't our favorite habit of hers, we have entertained it since Nora is our sensitive little girl who has had a rough path in life. Plus we were avoiding the holy hell we knew would happen if we outlawed the beloved Nuk. Lets be honest, no one likes to see Nora's "other" side. Alas, she is three years old, potty trained, about to be a big sister. So the Nuky Fairy paid us a visit. Nora put all her Nuks in a basket, left it at the foot of her bed, and said goodbye. In the morning she was surprised to get her very own special note from Miss Fairy herself congratulating her on the next step in big girlhood. She promised Nora that she would clean the Nuks and bring them back to her new baby sibling when the time came, that was very important to Nora. The fairy also left a special toy for Nora, a learning and talking cash register that she wanted. That was Saturday...a whole five days ago. We have been so surprised and impressed at how good she has been about the whole situation, just a little bit more emotional from time to time and waking up earlier then normal. These two things are Nora's standard reaction to any change, so we are used to it by now.

We are so proud of our big girl!