Thursday, January 26, 2012

32 weeks

We are full steam ahead to meet our sweet baby. I am 32 weeks pregnant and the house is a flurry of baby-related activity. Jim set up the nursery, we've shopped for baby gear that needed replacing, and (gasp) are test driving brand new mini-vans this weekend. The girls are very excited to meet their new sibling, they tell everyone they see that our family is growing and love to feel the baby kicking every day. Fiona is the resident big sister around here, so she is naturally prepared. Nora is the newbie, but taking the natural approach. I found her putting baby toys in the empty crib the other day saying she knows the little one will love them.

Speaking of little one, we again do not know the gender of the baby. We just love that surprise and special moment between Jim and I. Fiona and Nora both say its a girl now after months of voting boy. Fiona wants to name the baby Anna after Nora's imaginary friend and Nora wants to name her Strawberry Shortcake after her favorite toy. Good thing we pick the name!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Under where?

Miss Nora is potty trained.

She did it in a few days unlike her big sister. I made the sticker chart, bought the mini marshmallows, a bucket of prizes, and of course every big girl underwear Target sells. After a couple of days of hoopla, Nora was uninterested in rewards. She had to be reminded about the stickers. Hysterical when compared to Fiona who wouldn't do the work and only wanted the rewards.

Thanks Nora for making my least favorite parenting job easier, especially since I am 7 months pregnant. You rock little lady!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Snow

It is hard to believe that our first real snow of the winter came on January 12th! It has been a strange winter, a brown Christmas and 50 degrees just yesterday.

Our girls were happy to see the old white fluffy stuff falling from the sky today. Nora exclaimed that it is Christmas again and Fiona took one look out the window and said finally.

Here they are just about to go play outside. They spent a good 30 minutes outside running, piling snow, throwing snowballs at the playhouse and making snow angels. This is Nora's first winter enjoying being outside and Fiona loved having her out there.