Friday, April 29, 2011

A magical Day

Today is a great day to be British!

Today was the Royal wedding and I watched every moment with glee. I had two blue-eyed companions with me, one of which was glued to the screen with a look of fantasy on her face. I remember dreaming as a young girl of marrying Prince William, having the Queen as a Grandmother-in-Law, and I saw that look today in Fiona's eyes. I am a very romantic person, an emotional person who loves hoopla and beautiful sentiments. I can see Fiona takes after me in that way. Today was the scene of a real life fairytale and we both watched it unfold together holding hands.

Fiona at one moment asked me why it looked like the Bride's parents were trying not to cry. I explained that some tears are happy and that they likely were feeling proud of her and happy for her future. After a moment of silence, Fiona turned to me with a tiny tear in her eye and said "I am trying not to cry too. I am so happy for the Princess".

I can only imagine what Fiona has in her future, but I can tell you that I will defintely be crying when it all happens.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Daydreams Before Children:

Winning the lottery, a beach vacation, quitting your job, getting a job,
saving the world, helping people, stumbling upon a stack of one hundred
dollar bills, traveling, getting married, having children, owning a
beautiful home, throwing parties, going to parties, buying a stunning car,
driving said car with loud music of your own choosing, eating out every day,
not gaining any weight after eating out every day, running through a field
of wildflowers laughing.

Daydreams after Children:

Sleeping, hiring a housekeeper, grocery shopping alone, eating warm meals
freshly made, going back to work, saving your sanity, sleeping, going to the
bathroom without being interrupted, eating your own meal and not the leftover
kid meals, driving in any car alone quietly, winning the lottery so you can
hire a few staff members, taking a nap, a warm vacation with your spouse,
inventing something to make millions, getting a MomVan so your daughter can
stop complaining that we are the only family without one, thinking about
upcoming doctor appointments, wondering if we are indeed out of milk and bread,
waking up skinny without doing anything to get that way, sleeping in a field
of down feathers smiling.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chicago girls

I spent my childhood so close to the city of Chicago, visiting often with my parents. After living for 15 years in Minneapolis and having our first child there, I never thought I would have Chicago girls and yet I do. They get to walk the same streets where my parents did as new immigrants. Unbelievable.

I have learned over the last few years that you never really know what life has in store for you. I see a lake I stood before as a kid thinking it was an ocean and now watch my daughters stare at it in awe. I can't help but think of fate.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Fiona nervously bit her lip until it started bleeding.

I walked into the room and she was holding a Kleenex up to her lip. Here is our conversation, sadly, nothing new in this house:

Me: "Oh no, Fi, what happened?!"

Fiona: "My lip...its...(sigh)...BLEEDING"

Me: "What happened?"

Fiona: "Well, there was this stick, and it was pointy and it hit my lip when I was, I was, I was drinking water....ok, ok, the truth is that I bit my lip"

Me: "Ok, thanks for the truth. Now you see what happens if you bite your lips, try not to do it again."

Fiona: "What happens if today is the day I get married? Who will ever kiss my lips if they are bleeding?!"

Lucky for her, this is NOT the day she is getting married.

Monday, April 4, 2011

5 Year Old Pictures

Fiona's birthday party with her friends:

The awesome birthday cake my friend Heather made for Fiona's rainbow request:

It was yummy:

A very happy girl surrounded by presents:

Nora gave Fiona the movie she really wanted:

Proud to be FIVE: