Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here is Fiona's first family portrait.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Big girl Nora

Nora is our baby and we are quickly realizing she isn't actually a baby anymore. In fact, if you ask her if she is a baby she will tell you "Noooo, I a big gurl. I is Noorahh"

Nora likes to do all the big girl activites: run, play, read books, walk through the mall stomping her big girl shoes. She does not want to ditch her pacifer, love, crib, or diapers just yet and that suits us just fine.

Seeing Nora with a friends newborn the other day made my heart hurt a bit...when did our baby grow up?? Nora is starting her first drop off preschool class tomorrow and I have to admit, I am a bit emotional about it. Nora desperately wants to go to school and has her backpack ready 24 hours early.

Our girl is growing up!!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deep thoughts over lunch

Fiona is a deep thinker. She likes puzzles, math, stories, mysteries, figuring stuff out, asking and hearing the answers to life's big questions. I am rarely prepared for what she asks me or wants to talk about. As in life, I often handle these situations with whatever pops to mind. Today we chatted about heaven.

The scene is this....Sunday afternoon, post church, at a certain fast food restaurant, eating french fries, the four of us. I asked Fiona is she had a good time at church and she answered "yep, a great time". Then we talked about animals and randomly about giraffes. We were talking about how beautiful and tall they were, I mentioned that they might be lonely up there, but we concluded they were fine because they were closer to God up there. I asked her where God lived and she said "the sky, the clouds". I corrected her with "in Heaven". She said "oh yeah, with the angels". I have mentioned Heaven before, but more in a place people go and not a place to live. Thus we had an interesting chat about Heaven being God's home, a beautiful place where you go if you are a good person after you die. We mentioned the people we knew that were there. She thought about it and said that it sounds good, but she doesn't want to go without me. I reassured her that you wait there for the other person and then meet up again to enjoy Heaven and God together. That made her feel better about the process. "But what is Heaven like?" At the same time Jim said "beautiful" and I said "cool" (again, not prepared all the time). Fiona then asked "what do you do there?" I said "whatever you want"....you can see it coming, right? Fiona asked "like eat marshmallows" "Sure....for breakfast, I bet" I answered.

Her eyes lit up....she smiled....and said in a really loud voice.....

" COOL! I want to go to Heaven RIGHT NOW!"

Ok, ok, somewhere I lost the real point and she lost her mind.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking back

Now that I can breathe again, I started reflecting on last year. Usually, Jim and I have a deep conversation late on New Year's Eve about the past year, what the highlights were, what we want to see happen in the coming year....however, we were in a sick stupor and there was no conversation.

2010 was a good year, a great year, full of fun and change. Here is what we did last year:

--We took a trip to Minnesota to visit friends and family

--We bought a house

--Nora learned to walk

--Fiona had a fantastic birthday at Chuck E Cheese

--We moved into our great house

--Nora started music class

--My parents moved into a house 5 minutes away

--Nora learned to run...fast

--We took Fiona to Chicago for a day of museum visits

--Thousands of trips to the park and romps in the pool

--Jim got to mow his own grass again. A lot.

--We saw a parade and fireworks

--Fiona started a new preschool

--Olivia came to visit us and we toured Chicago

--Jim and I celebrated ten years of wedded bliss

--I went to Ireland with my Mum

--Jim and I took a long weekend away without kids

--Jim's sister Laura visited us

--We celebrated Nora turning 2 at our house with a great group of
family and friends

--We trick or treated in our new neighborhood

--We hosted Thanksgiving

--Jim's brother Mark and his wife Emily visited us

--Built a snowman....shoveled a driveway again

--Had a lovely Christmas

Like I said, it was a great year! We are looking forward to another great year in 2011--Fiona will be 5 and starts Kindergarten, Nora turns 3 and starts preschool. Who knows what the rest will be!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a way to celebrate 2011

Happy New Year! (sniffle sniffle, cough cough)

The Boldischars spent this lovely holiday on the couch sick as dogs.

You know how sad and pathetic it is when both of your kids are sick and miserable? Just imagine that, but replace kids with parents. Us. We are sick. Jim and I have been down and out for the count with two healthy children this whole weekend. It is pathetic around here. This is the first time that we have both been this sick at the same time since having kids and it is not something I recommend.

The girls don't seem to mind their parents being too tired and sick to do much other then pop in a movie and microwave some food. Fiona has declared herself "the not sick Mommy of the house" and I tell you, she could replace me in a heartbeat. Good kid.

We hope you had a better New Years then we did!