Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

We hosted our first Thanksgiving this year and it was a perfect day. Jim made a wonderful meal, we had a lovely time with great company. We finally used our wedding fine china for the first time in over ten years, which was hard to believe. That china had lived in six homes and never been opened. While Jim prepared our delicious meal, I removed price tags and cleaned a full china service for twelve.
Its was a great night. I managed to get a few pictures, but mostly kept the camera on the counter like a good hostess. We look forward to more holidays in our new house!
Our Thanksgiving table:

Jim's awesome turkey:

Our girls:

We are thankful for these two sweeties:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last week, back when it was still warm and sunny, Wendy and I took the girls to Brookfield Zoo on a random Tuesday.  Despite some of the animals being MIA (lions, penguins, baboons), we enjoyed the zebras, polar bears, kangaroos, etc.  Here are two of my favorite pictures - the two giraffes, and then Nora trying to scale the fence and join the giraffes!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The "T" Word

Not turkey, treadmill, or turtleneck....tantrum.

Raise your hands if you hate them and please don't tell me if you have no clue what they are.

We have a spirited, strong willed, passionate, stubborn 4 year old. That child gave up a nap she actually needs, is awake for an average of 14 hours a day, and never ever stops moving or talking or thinking. Basically, I hate tantrums.

I know they are normal, I know they happen to all sorts of families, I know no one enjoys them, but I really do NOT like tantrums. Its like watching your sweet child go temporarily insane. You try to talk her out of it, reason with her, reprimand her, ignore her, distract her, silently pray or beg for it to end.

It is like walking on egg shells, avoiding minefields, at any moment she is going to blow! Nighttime is the worst, she is tired...I mean, crazy overtired...and the smallest thing sets her off. She falls into the "give me what I want and no one gets hurt" camp, even if what she wants is ridiculous. Now, this doesn't happen every night, I should be fair. However, when the tantrum does happen, it happens big. Everything Fiona does is big, with a flourish, with passion, this is no different.

Lucky for us, it is fast and furious and always ends with her murmuring apologies before passing out cold for the night. That part I don't hate.

Monday, November 8, 2010

They're Grrrrreat!

Nora loves Frosted Flakes.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Nora has two cowlicks at the front of her hairline that has made for some frustrating hair moments. So, despite me hating bangs, I caved and had them cut today. Hopefully this will work for her and she won't hate us later in life. I think she looks cute!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A bad liar

I read in a parenting book (yes, believe it or not, I find time to read those still) that between ages 4 and 5 kids start to tell white lies or stretch the truth. Just like clockwork, our Fiona followed that trend. She went from a very honest kid to a kid who likes to create her own version of events. The best part is that she is a terrible liar. I mean, terrible. She has 7 or 8 tell signs, the stories are always completely ridiculous, and she often giggles them out. Lets just hope that continues so I can keep busting her lies!

Today I found one of her straw cups that had a small bite in the plastic straw. I went to her just to say "hey, don't bite cups, blah blah blah" but instead she told me the following tall tale:

"Mom, before you say anything just know that I didn't do it. Here is how it happened. When you were 13 and Nora was only 1 (really??) you left the cups down low where she could get it. She grabbed it, chewed on it, and put it back wherever you just found it. I saw her do it with her 78th tooth, that one in the back. I should tell her to stop doing it"

Another day Jim and I found evidence from some other small crime and confronted her with it to which she replied with:

"Casey did it. He got up on his legs, put up his paw, grew a finger, and used his finger to do that. He did, I saw him"

Not so sure she has a future in lying, but I can certainly see another writer in the family.

Monday, November 1, 2010


The girls had a great Halloween this year! They have been counting down all month until the big day and were not disappointed. Nora really understood all the hoopla for the first year which made it more fun. She loves pumpkins and points them out everywhere. Our house has a few scary things on it, namely a motion-activated spider that was not her favorite, though.

They helped carve some pumpkins:

Waited for Trick or Treaters with great anticipation:

Our Sleeping Beauty and Miss Ladybug:

The girls ready to Trick or Treat in our new neighborhood
and some of Jim's great Halloween decorations:

Fiona asked me this morning how many more days until next Halloween. The countdown begins again!