Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gracious and Pleasing

Nora is gracious. It is to the extreme almost. Everything gets a thank you--giving her a toy, milk, food, a pacifier, changing her diaper, anything. "Thank you, Momma" She thanks the people who work at Target, Starbucks, the library, anywhere we go. She thanked me last night for getting a sticker off of her foot that was bugging her. Very gracious. It is adorable. She has the best manners, hands down. This morning at 5am when she woke up and I was a little crabby after a short night of sleep....she thanked me for getting her. Who could be frustrated after that?

Right along those same lines, Fiona is pleasing. She wants Nora to be happy at any cost. Most kids care what their parents think, they behave better in attempts to please their parents. Fiona doesn't care much if we are happy or frustrated with her, she marches to her own loud drummer. However, she really wants her little sister to be pleased. Fiona will do anything to make Nora happy and lately has been butting in with the raising of said toddler. Fiona will tell Nora something amazing just to make her stop fussing, pouting, or crying. "We are having lollipops for breakfast" "Mom is going to take us to the park all night!" "Of course Daddy will hold you while he mows the lawn" I have explained that lying to Nora to make her quiet isn't the solution, but she just doesn't like to see her unhappy. Neither to we, of course, and now I see why preschoolers aren't parents. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. While he isn't into big celebrations, I thought I would take a moment to recognize him here. Jim, you are a wonderful husband and father. The girls and I adore you. You are the best!

When I told Fiona it was Daddys birthday she wanted to know the details of his party. I had to break the news to her that he wasn't having one and then she wanted to know if he was naughty. So then I reassured her that he was a good boy all year and didn't like parties. Without missing a beat she asked if she could have his instead. Or if he could at least have a party at Chuck E Cheese and invite some of her girlfriends. Fiona is defintely Jim's daughter, always thinking!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

Nora had her first mini-preschool class today and she did great. She wasn't interested in singing or dancing, but loved art time and playing with the babies there.

So we celebrated with the girls favorite treat--a shot of whip cream at Starbucks. As I type I can hear nothing but lips smacking and "mmmm" from the backseat. Good stuff.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Gem

Our daughter Nora is a gem.

There aren't too many people on the planet that know Nora Kathleen Boldischar. She may have been born at a wrong time, in new state, came second to Fiona. Nora is a rare gem, a bit of a secret, a treasure. She has the sweetest smile, twinkly eyes, an giggle that makes everyone laugh around her, a sunny personality. Nora is kind, funny, loves animals, she wants to be just like her big sister but with a twist all her own, she is hysterically clean, she is fast and a bit sneaky, she is a cuddle bug specializing in running big hugs. Nora loves to talk and does it quite well, she enjoys reading books, she likes to dance and listen to music, she has great musical timing. Nora is compassionate, whenever she hears a baby/kid crying she wants to see whats wrong and give them a hug; when its her big sister that is upset she loves to tell her "Be Happy".
Anything and everything makes Nora happy. When Nora is happy, you can't help but be happy yourself. Nora is brave, has no fear, loves going places and seeing anything out there.

My life became more complete when Nora arrived. She is the perfect addition to our family and I want to show her off. My heart breaks when I think that the whole world doesn't know her.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Ad Men

The advertising industry is working its magic on my four year old.

Fiona has recently said the following things to me:

"Mom, you really should get scrubbing bubbles. It can clean your whole bathroom and those little bubble guys are cute"

"Hey Mom, did you know Splenda is America's sweetener? It is. We should get it. It even makes cakes"

"Ohh! Is that pizza crust? Are we making pizza?! We should just get DiGiorno, its good stuff"

One might think that she watches entirely too much television. I would say she just really pays attention to what she watches. Commericals and all.

Who knows, maybe she will work for the industry later in life. Watch out, Don Draper!