Monday, May 31, 2010

Fiona: Filling in for Bono?

One month ago, Fiona and I were listening to music and I captured this video on my phone during a U2 song. As you'll see, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Since then, Bono injured his back, and U2 was forced to postpone its tour. If anyone in the band happens across this blog posting, though, maybe the show will go on...?

Friday, May 28, 2010


I have been thinking recently of what it means to be a mother. I know, slightly deep and way random, but thats how I work. It might have been the month of Mothers Day that influenced the thoughts, I realize.

I have been thinking about what an amazing journey it is to be a mother, what a long and bumpy road you take to get there, how you really have no idea of what it will be like or who you will become afterwards until you are there. Before you become a mother you think you will be a certain way and I can only imagine its a cross between your own mother and close women you know that did it before you. The thing is that you are rarely who you thought you would be. The job is bigger then you are and the perks are wonderful. It is all about the little things. I remember when I was 20, working as a nursing assistant in the recovery room I used to help the babies and toddlers after surgery. I would rock them until they woke up, once the nurse cleared them, I would return them to their mother. One little girl was being carried by her mother and I was walking behind them carrying her IV bag. The little girl started to drool all over the mother's shirt and I was set on getting something to dab it up. The mother looked at me and said "Oh that doesn't matter". I knew then that something changed in you when you became a mother. Something more then not caring if your shirt was dirty.

The pre-mother self never can fully grasp the post-mother self; the post-mother self has to strain her mind to remember the pre-mother self. I am a version of who I was before I got pregnant with Fiona: I am more calm and more intense, I still love to sleep and give it up willingly, I am more laid back and more anxious. I am a mother, like any other, who is just trying to do my best, do right by my kids, provide everyone with love/boundaries/freedom/joy, set a
good example, and quietly watch them grow.

Something I didn't fully realize before motherhood is that children are people. It sounds silly, but so many adults think they are foreign creatures. They are just short people who want what you want. The more you treat them as such, give them respect, show them the path but let them walk it themselves, the better they become. I think the best part of being a mother for me is having a little hand in what kind of people they are.

And for the record, my shirt is clean. Well, mostly.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Fiona's Favorites

Color: Red

Book: Anything by Mercer Mayer, at the moment probably "I Just Forgot"

Day of the Week: Friday since she has no school and is home with me and Nora

Flavor of ice cream: Vanilla

Movie: Princess and the Frog tops the list

TV Show: Team Umizoomi (just look it up, its cute)

Food: Buttered noodles

Dessert: Ice cream

Activity: going to the park

Song: "Almost There" from Princess and the Frog (she can sing it from start to finish)

Toy: the sandbox

Nora's Favorites

Color: Purple (probably pink, but she loves to say the world purple)

Book: Goodnight Gorilla

Day of the Week: Wednesday because she has the house and toys to herself

Flavor of ice cream: trick question because Nora can't eat ice cream, but she likes chocolate

Movie: she has be around when countless Disney movies were playing--at the moment she doesn't seem to mind if Toy Story is playing

TV Show: coin toss between Dora and Sesame Street

Food: pasta of any kind

Dessert: caramel flavored rice cakes (don't ask, she can eat 10 if we let her)

Activity: going for a walk

Song: Wheels on the Bus

Toy: kitchen

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures from Mom's Day

We enjoyed a nice Mother's Day here in Vernon Hills, with Wendy's family coming over for lunch. Everyone enjoyed the slightly burned brats and hot dogs that I grilled. Right?!? You all enjoyed those, didn't you!?!?

Here are some pics!

Family photo in the backyard:

The wonderful Mom and her Daughters:

Nora pointing! I think she was challenging someone to a duel.
Fiona posing at the sandbox.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Musings of a nurse

Happy Nurse Appreciation Day!

I am a nurse. I am proud to be a nurse, to have worked for five years as a RN and ten years total in the health care field. I look back at all the patients I have met over those years and feel so blessed to have had all of those opportunities. I think of a special lady who was in the nursing home that I volunteered at during my Nursing Assistant training that had a beautiful smile despite chronic pain. I think of June, who I had a groundbreaking and life changing experience with at my first job in the Intensive Care Unit. June was in a coma and I was her Nursing Assistant. I gave her a bath, talked to her, read to her, gave her back rubs never seeing her eyes or hearing her voice for months. Then one day she woke up and said to me with the sweetest voice "I know you. Thank you". I think of the man that I had the pleasure of meeting during his dialysis as a Student Nurse Intern who taught me that humor can heal. I think of the first birth that I saw and how I felt awestruck that I would call that "work" from that moment on. There is nothing more special then being able to help a woman having a baby.

As a nurse, I have met some wonderful people, both patients and other nurses. I love being a nurse, it is definitely my calling and I feel lucky to have found that and followed that path. Being a nurse made me a better person, a better daughter, a better friend, a better mother. I smile when Fiona tells Nora "don't worry, Mommy will fix you, she is a NURSE".

I am not working right now and have been loving life at home with my daughters, but that doesn't change my passion for nursing. I do miss the joy I felt in meeting new people and doing my best to take great care of them. I know I will be back working as a nurse someday; you can't the nurse out of this girl!

Happy Nurses Day to all of the nurses out there. Do something special for yourselves today!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picture Catch-Up!

I could go on and on about how I've meant to post pictures for basically three months, but keep getting sidetracked or forgetting or lazy, or even try and compose some flowery excuse for the lack of pictures...but instead, let's just go straight to the pictures!

One of Nora's favorite pastimes is putting on her own shoes.

We just repainted this table and chair set, and the girls spend lots of time sitting together. Back when we first bought it, Fiona was the one who's feet couldn't reach the floor!
This pic goes way back to Easter morning, Fiona is SERIOUS about finding the eggs we hid around the house.

Also Easter morning, Nora wakes up with a chocolate-covered marshmallow egg.

Finally, later in the day on Easter the girls pose. Two cuties!!!