Friday, April 30, 2010

Break out the suckers...

On Wednesday evening the girls had their 4 year and 18 month shots. It was not my intent to have a dual appointment, it just kind of worked out that way. Fiona had her 4 year appointment on moving day (that certainly wasn't planned) and was too sick with a nasty sinus infection to have her immunizations, so we brought her back during Nora's appointment. Knowing each daughter would have at least two pokes, I brought the big guns....Daddy and the Dum Dums.

***Sidenote, Daddy and the Dum Dums sounds like a great band, doesn't it? I might have to work on that. Ok, carry on. ***

Nora had her full exam and for once didn't cry. She just stared at the pediatrician with her big blue eyes. He was telling her that his grandmother's name was Nora and she just smiled. Normally Nora has a complete meltdown around all medical staff thanks to last year's horrible hospital stay for dehydration. We were impressed. Nora got a clean bill of health aside from the lactose intolerance that is at a standstill. We are buying stock in Lactaid, put it that way.

Fiona spent her appointment chatting to the doctor about anything and everything, as always. She happily answered all his questions and even asked him a few of her own, which always makes him laugh. Fiona is healthy, too. He does think she has reactive airway disease/preasthma. That is something we have been watching for a couple of years now and it seems to be progressing. Her last cold was a nasty one and she needed oral steroids and daily nebulizers to be able to walk up the stairs without wheezing. I am sure she will be using inhalers at some point in the near future and just take it one cold at a time.

Then the dreaded shots. Fiona was prepared for her shots--we talked about it beforehand, she knew she would get a sucker afterwards, but there was no stopping the shock of them. I held Fiona, Jim held Nora, and they just stared at one another and screamed. Poor kids. Fiona said right when the nurse was done "no shots for me" and then in the car said "I said I didn't want shots too late". :( Everyone was happy after some sugar and TLC--all is well.

Here are the stats for all who care:

Fiona is 37lbs, 42 inches

Nora is 25lbs, 32.5 inches

Monday, April 19, 2010

So much to say

That phrase pretty much sums up where our girls are in life right now.

Fiona is 4, going on 24. She is entertaining life's big questions now and I am loving every uncomfortable moment. We talk a lot about "why" now. She has been curious lately about love, marriage, death, and heaven. I just take each conversation one step at a time. It is fun as a parent to see her question things and come up with her own reasons. We were out at the mall after Easter and she saw the stage for the Easter Bunny was still up. She asked me where he went and I said "back to his house". She has asked me where the Easter Bunny lived. Hmmm, not really sure. Then I asked her where she thought he lived. Her honest the sky with God because God loves children and candy. Alrighty.

Nora is 18 months old and really coming into her own skin. She is a bright-eyed, loving, fearless, little girl who loves to talk and run, often at the same time. Nora has found her voice and it can be LOUD. Maybe its the thought that she has to compete for attention but she could break your eardrum if she wanted to. It is funny, though, she is quiet 99% of the time and then it just breaks out of her. She is a big talker now and adding a lot of words to her vocabulary. Just this past week she started two word sentences together, which is always fun to hear. Her new words are truck, bus, couch, seat, sit, drink, park, ready, and snack. Fiona is always asking her to say new words, so there is a lot of challenge there. "Nora, say taco". Nora did find a baby sign language book that belonged to Fiona and taught herself how to do all the signs. What is funny is that she says the word clearly as she signs it. There has never been a need for sign language with our girls--they love to talk. I haven't a CLUE where they get that from.