Monday, March 29, 2010

And a house becomes a home....


We are all in our new house and everyone survived the transition. The girls were awesome: no tears, no drama, they played and slept like angels. I was worried that the first night in the new house would be a long one, but they went to bed voluntarily, with smiles on their faces, and slept through the night. Amen! They are both sick, though. Fiona has bronchitis and we will see what the doc says about Nora later. We live right on a huge park and the girls have been staring at it from the windows longingly. Soon enough, girlies.

We surprised the girls with special bedrooms before they moved in. Fiona has a purple bedroom, new white furniture, and bright multi-colored bedding she picked herself. Nora has a pink bedroom, finally all the nursery furniture together, and new pink and white bedding her mother picked out. They were both shouting and laughing when they saw their rooms. It was a cute moment. They have spent much of the move-weekend running around the main floor together and opening and shutting doors. Who needs toys?!

Jim and I are slowly unpacking the place and trying to make it feel like home. We have a lot of stuff still in boxes from our house in MN two years ago and that will likely take some time to go through. Unpacking is so much better then packing--who knew we had so much STUFF though. Anyone need to borrow a footed dessert bowl? How about eight?

We are really excited for this adventure. We have all waited a long time for a permanent home and to get those little things back again--enough space for everyone, a big back yard, a mailbox, a basement, a driveway. On the first night here, Jim and I looked at one another and said "this feels like home". It is a good feeling.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Fiona is four.

It is hard to believe that we met her for the first time four years ago. I feel like I have known her all my life. Then again, looking at her today and thinking she was once a newborn was mind-bending. I can still remember the first moment I saw her--those huge blue eyes were staring at me with recognition and I was awestruck. She knew me. What an amazing feeling. As I tell Fiona often, she made me a mother. For that I am eternally grateful.

Being a parent is a ride--fun, scary, bumpy, thrilling. Being Fiona's parent comes with extra entertainment. The girl makes us laugh. She is wise beyond her years and it shows. Last night I was telling her that I was sad she was no longer going to be 3, that I wanted her to stay little forever. She put her hand on my cheek, looked me straight in the eye, and said "I have to turn 4, Mom. I have to grow up and be an adult. But I will always be your baby". Awwww! Then today she told me proudly that she was finally four and now can go to Target by herself to buy her own things. When I pointed out that she didn't have a car or drivers license, she claimed she was borrowing mine. Oh Fiona.

Our new four year old was sick on her birthday and it was such a sad sight. She got a nasty cold right before bed last night, missed school and her planned outing to Rainforest Cafe today. I tried my best to make it a great birthday despite her health, but mostly we just cuddled together on the couch. I took full advantage her of lack of energy for extra snuggles--they are hard to come by with Fiona.

One bright moment today was when Jim came home with surprise presents for Fiona. I had thoughtfully bought her an Ariel mermaid costume and a game she asked for--he trumped me in a big way once he heard she was sick. Daddy came home with a pink piano/keyboard and a pink telescope for his little girl. She has been asking for both for ages and was overwhelmed when she saw them. When Jim met Fiona, he was hooked. For life.

Happy 4th Birthday Fiona Joyce, our beloved blue-eyed wonder.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take a minute....

As Wendy mentioned in last week's picture-less blog....we've been busy! Shame on us for not putting up as many pics of our little ones. Also, we haven't posted a video since.....NORA'S BIRTHDAY POSTING! What can I say - the camera we bought last year doesn't have video recording capabilities, and it's never convenient to pull out the 'ol camcorder. Well, fear not loyal blog reader(s), cell phones to the rescue! Here are a couple of brief videos I took of the girls recently - with my Blackberry so it is of sub par quality. I particularly enjoy watching Nora walk down the hall, and then take the corner a bit too wide. This runs for 57 seconds, so take a minute from your day and enjoy the Boldischar Girls!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just busy

Sorry folks--we haven't left ya, just been busy.

We have news, though, so I thought I would share real quick.

1. Nora is walking! She started a week ago and is already running. That reminds me a lot like Fiona, who did the same thing. Nora is very proud of herself, which is really cute to see. It doesn't hurt that her big sister is always cheering her on and encouraging her. Fiona loves that Nora is walking now, too--they love to walk holding hands or playing train and caboose. Nora is really confident on her two feet now, even when she stumbles, she quickly gets back up again. We are so proud of her!

2. We are moving! We found a great house, close in a week, move in 2 weeks. That is the main reason we have been MIA from the blog world. We spend our days packing and are slowly being overtaken by boxes. It is hard to believe that it was 2 years ago that we found out we were moving to IL; so much has happened since then. It will be so great to be in the new house. The girls are excited for the big fenced in yard and that we can throw a stone and hit a huge park. Jim and I are looking forward to unpacking some of the things that have been in boxes since we left MN--it will be like Christmas morning for us!

I am hoping to get pictures of our two sweeties up here before the big move. Stay tuned!!