Monday, February 22, 2010

A Must-See for a parent

We're back home in IL after a long weekend in Minnesota, visiting friends and family. The girls were both terrific during long drives there and back, and throughout the many visits we made during the weekend. Wendy was able to get together with her RN Friends for their 3rd annual outing (a sleepover, as Fiona put it), and the girls and I visited our two newest family members - babies Lucy and Cecilia.

It's been a while since I've had so much time by myself with my daughters. Every day they are more sisters than the day before. Sometimes that means the sibling rivalry flares up, but usually that means they spend more and more time together. I love hearing Fiona introduce her baby sister to EVERYONE she can: Her cousins, a gas station cashier, the waitress @ Friday's, they all get the same intro: "This is my little sister Nora. She's one." I can already picture Fiona as the High School Senior, introducing her Freshman sister to all of her friends.

My Mom had a good description for Fiona - the cruise director. She's always taking charge, getting other kids to play, encouraging her parents or other adults to play with her - I wish I could go through the whole day with her same energy level. Wendy and I have always said that Fiona plays hard, and as a result she sleeps hard. Tonight Fiona asked me to come and check on her a few minutes after she went to bed. When I finally got up to her room 15 minutes later, she was already sound asleep!

Seeing her sleeping gets your attention, because it's such a stark difference to her awake. Tonight when I went into her room, I stood there for a few minutes, taking it all in. She was curled up, her plush puppy named Lucky tucked under an arm, blond hair spread around her pillow. Just like me, she sleeps with her mouth open, and I watched her shoulders moving up and down with the rhythm of her breathing. She was re-charging after a fun-filled weekend, her body preparing for whatever this week would bring. And as I stood there watching her, I felt myself re-charging. It was a lovely reminder to me, that the girl who spends 100% of her day playing, coloring, running, jumping, throwing, building, teaching, singing, dancing, and laughing, is also a peaceful, beautiful little girl.

For you parents out there, if you haven't spent time just watching your sleeping child, you should. It's a must-see.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mommy, I am.....

Hungry? Thirsty? Frustrated? Contemplating your love for me? Interested in starting a study group at preschool? Proud to be Nora's sister? About to throw up?


Fiona, Nora, and I were driving home yesterday when I heard that sentence start. I was curious too. What is Fiona going to say?

"Mommy, I am....jealous"

What?! How does she even know that word or what it means?

"Jealous of what, Fi?"

She goes on to tell me very matter-of-factly (is there any other way with Fiona?) that she is jealous of a classmate because she has a baby brother. Ok, where did that come from? She said she wants a baby brother now that Nora is growing up. Later that night when she was repeating the request to her Dad, she added in that she wants twins--a baby brother and sister. She insisted we "make it happen" and "go get" her twins. We were both laughing nervously when she added in that she wants to name them "Map and Nora Two".


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Since that last post was titled food, I thought drink would be a good title for this post.

Nora is on a milk-strike. She has made a picket line, tiny signs with pictures of cows with a big red X through them, and chants "we want Ba Bas" all day and night. She won't drink, think, or allow milk in her sights until we meet her demands. That is, for the almighty bottle to return.

We took Fiona off the bottle at 15 months, so we are doing the same for Nora. We weren't ready to be met with this defiance, but considering she took 26 hours to be born, I should I guessed.
We have tried to give her cold milk, warm milk, milk in several different cups, we have played games, we asked Fiona to talk to her, I even put a drop of chocolate syrup in it once--all to no avail. The girl ain't havin' it!

The other night we were at a friends house where there was a 3 month old baby. That was Nora's first real interaction with a baby (umm, hello? When did Nora grow up?) and she was fascinated with her. THEN she noticed her...bottle. It was empty and just sitting in her car seat tempting Nora. Without missing a beat, Nora crawled over to the seat, kneeled down, shouted BAA BAAA and did the sign for "want" and "more". It was sad, but yet another opportunity to explain to her that she was a big girl. Again, she was livid.

I think this is the end of the road for milk. I know she won't break and we certainly won't, so I guess she will just move on. Not so bad given she is lactose intolerant and drinking pricey white stuff before this transition. We have noticed that she is eating WAY more then usual (which is a lot) and more moody then normal. I hope the latter passes.

I do laugh that Fiona has offered to drink her milk several times now, though. Fiona gave Nora a long lecture on the health benefits of milk yesterday at lunch including a demonstration of her strong bones and muscles because she drinks milk. Nora listened attentively to the whole speech and whenever Fiona said the word milk Nora would just growl.

Lord help us when its time to take away the pacifier....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Nora loves food.

You might be thinking "who doesn't", but the answer to that question is Fiona.

It is funny and different to have our second child enjoy food so much. We have spent almost four years with a picky and plain eater, so we find Nora's open appetite note-worthy. She loves chips and salsa, all fruit, meat, even broccoli. The two things she DOESN'T like are funny, too--bread and ice cream. Fiona loves both. Nora loves food so much that she is a noisy eater. She shows her pure joy with all sorts of noises!

Two funny Nora food stories from today:

This morning she crawled over to her booster seat, stood up on her tiptoes, and grabbed a piece of waffle left there from breakfast. I looked over and she had the waffle hanging out of her huge smile. She looked like she was saying "look at what I found".

Nora was watching Sesame Street while I was making lunch. She called my name, I went to her, she pointed to the tv screen which was a commerical for fish sticks. I looked at her and she signed "more". I asked her "Do you want fish sticks for lunch?" not expecting an answer from a 15 month old, but she nodded yes and then said "nana" for banana. Did I just get a lunch request from Nora??