Thursday, January 28, 2010

The questions have begun

Fiona is going to be 4 soon and it shows. She is very inquisitive now (proven with the whole baby conversation a few weeks ago) and asks very direct questions. I love seeing her mind at work and hear all her thoughts on various subjects. Here are two of my favorites from this week:

Fiona was watching me clean up the house after dinner--doing dishes, cleaning the counters, and vacuuming. When I was done she asked "Mom, why do you clean the house?". Good question. I replied with "Cleaning is part of my job as a Mom, I guess. I make sure everything is clean for you girls". She asked "How do you clean?" and I replied "I scrub, vacuum, do the laundry, wash the dishes...." before I could continue she had a light bulb moment and said "OH, I get it. You are Cinderella...before the ball". Yeah, that is about right.

This week I have been suffering with a decent sinus infection. Fiona knows that I am sick and trying to keep a safe distance so she and Nora don't get it too. While I was putting her to bed tonight she interrupted my story to ask me why I was sick. I told her that Daddy had a cold and gave it to me on accident. She wanted to know how we get sick and I was explaining it was because of germs. Fiona then wanted to know how we get germs--from kissing on the mouth, sharing drinks, touching people who haven't washed their hands enough...she looked fascinated. She then asked what germs look like--tiny things we can't see with our eyes, only with a microscope. When I thought we were done, I kissed her on the forehead. She whispered "blech" as she furiously wiped off her head...."germs, Mom, you are giving me GERMS". I guess I deserved that one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fiona the Photographer

We thought we would put someone else's pictures on the blog - Fiona's! Here are the keepers from the first upload of pics from her Fisher Price Kid Tough camera. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here, Casey, stand on this ball

It has been a long week. A very, very long week. I have been doing some solo parenting this past week and it shows. I swear I have a few grey hairs and wrinkles after this week.

Bizarre parenting things happened this week that have never happened before and after awhile they became expected. Fiona pooped TWICE after falling asleep, Nora woke up with a leaking diaper and her entire self and crib wet (I mean, I thought there was a flood), the oven somehow caught on fire and filled the house with smoke, I dropped countless items and spilled every day, and every single bottle I gave Nora this week leaked. Those are just SOME of the things, too. Lets just say if I bought a lottery ticket this week, I would end up having to PAY them millions.

Another thing that has been happening this week is Fiona has been getting up early every day, coming in to wake me, and insisting that I entertain her. Anyone that knows me, knows getting up early is not my strong area as a parent. Or as a human. This morning was my LAST morning solo and I dreamt she would sleep until 7am. Nope, one hour earlier. I tried to convince her to cuddle (insert laughter here), but to no avail, instead I got told "Mom, I understand that you are frustrated. Don't be. Just calm down, take a deep breath, and it will be ok". Who can resist that??

Later, (as in 15 minutes ago) when we got downstairs she ran over to Casey. She started petting him and talking to him. One thing about Fiona, she jumps out of bed in the morning with more energy than that Energizer bunny and lasts longer. As I stumbled around the kitchen, she asked me how old Casey was. When I told her 6 she replied with "Wow, Casey, thats great. I think you should join the circus this year" Okkkkk. She continued with "You can stand on a big ball and make everyone clap. I will help you. Here lets practice..."

"Here, Casey, stand on this ball"

I am not sure where Fiona came from, but I am glad she came here to me to keep me entertained before the sun comes up.

Monday, January 11, 2010


At lunch today I was thinking about how different my kids are.

Fiona likes to master one toy before moving on. Nora gets bored with a toy after 2 seconds. Fiona is high energy, always moving. Nora works hard on getting comfortable. Fiona likes to talk, often repeating stories again and again. Nora likes to listen for different sounds, straining her ears to hear something far away. Fiona doesn't have time or energy to eat much. Nora likes to eat, especially to snack. If she is hungry and likes what you are giving out, she wants second or third helpings. Fiona doesn't mind being dirty. Nora wants her hands clean at all times. Fiona doesn't like to drink. Nora drinks cups and cups of water a day.

I have spent a good portion of Fiona's life trying to get her to eat and drink. Drinking water has been a sore spot for years--I keep a cup constantly filled with water out for the girls to drink throughout the day. Fiona has to be encouraged/reminded/badgered to drink hers and Nora's is practically glued to her hip. I used to ask Fiona "Aren't you thirsty?" and got a shrug as her answer. Today at lunch Nora tossed her cup onto the floor and before I could pick it up, Fiona got it. She placed it in front of Nora and said "Water is good for you, Nora. If you don't drink it, you will get thirsdy".


That is what life is all about.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ahh, yes

For those keeping track, I thought I would share that Fiona finally did ask me the big "how does the baby get in your belly" question. She, of course, took me by surprise.

I had just made the girls a nice breakfast and was sitting down to eat it--as every mother can understand, I was eating it cold and last. Fiona was reading a book, Nora was playing with toys--it was quiet. I should have known.

Our conversation went like this:

Fiona: "Mom, how DOES the baby get in a belly?"

Me: Chewing...pausing....thinking....stalling.....

Fiona: "MOM, answer me!"

Me: "The Daddy helps put it there" (Imagine me sheepish, red, slightly shaky)

Fiona: "Nooooo"

Me: Second attempt "God. Its a miracle"

Fiona: "No..."

Me: Really? "It takes a lot of love and a little bit of magic" (Come on kid)

Fiona: "MOM! No, that's not it"

Me: Thinking...more chewing...praying Jim will enter the room or the phone will ring.....

Fiona: Raising her shirt and looking down at her own belly "Does it go in the belly button or what?"

Me: "Well..."

Fiona: "Never mind, I know the answer. The belly button"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the 13th Day of Christmas...

Finally got the Christmas pictures up!
Nora leaving out Rudolph's snack.
Fiona made Santa's cookies herself!

How on Earth can Nora make her big eyes so small?!?

The Opening of the Presents!

Here's a trio of Red cuties!

Christmas night family snapshot. Maybe next year all 4 of us will wear plaid!

Nora sitting in the big chair - and loving it!

This was taken a couple of days after Christmas. Fiona rarely naps in bed, let alone like this - in the family room! The Christmas weekend certainly wore her out.

Finally, a New Year's Eve photo of my three lovely girls! We enjoyed a kids' party at the Kohl Children's Museum.