Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

For those of you loyal blog readers who don't know, I am a card-carrying procrastinator. So it comes as no surprise that our Christmas photos will not hit the blogosphere until 2010. Hopefully, very early in 2010. I've spent most of the past 2 hours culling through the hundreds of pics we took of the girls on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Look for some of those to pop up in future postings and in our slideshow.

But for now, I thought I'd share a few great pictures Wendy snapped of the girls just before the holidays. The best pictures, and I think he hardest to capture, are those that show a genuine moment in life. In this case, it is two sisters, sitting on a couch, reading books together. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few things

Just a few things to share before I forget or get too busy:

~Fiona never asked me or mentioned the question of how the baby gets INside the Mommy's belly, so I have no answers for you of how that went. I laugh at the thought of us having that conversation sometime soon. Hopefully not at the dinner table on Christmas!

~Nora is close to walking, but still not there yet. Since I last posted she is walking around the house on her knees, usually pushing a toy as she does it. She is also standing, cruising along the furniture, and climbing onto her chair and a few steps. She is 14 months now and that was how old Fiona was when she started walking, so I feel we are right on schedule.

~The girls are looking forward to Christmas, Fiona likely more then Nora who hasn't a clue. Fiona made sure Nora "wrote" a Christmas list for Santa and often tells her how much fun Christmas is going to be. Just the other day she showed that joy when shewent up to Nora after she woke up from a nap. Fiona climbs into her crib and they chat together for a few minutes. I heard over the baby monitor this funny exchange:

Fiona: "Oh NORA, its almost Christmas!"

Nora: "Ba Ba"

Fiona: "Feliz Navidad, Nora. FELIZ NAVIDAD!"

Nora: "DaaDaa. DAADAA"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not ready for this

Oh boy. I'm having breakfast this morning at the kitchen table while the girls are watching a Baby Einstein DVD. Fiona was very helpful and put it in herself, and pressed play for Nora. What a big sis! Anyway, they're both watching it, when suddenly I hear:

"Uh, Daddy, how does the baby get in the mommy's belly?"

"What?" I asked, slightly caught off guard. She asks the same question, but with added emphasis. "How does the baby GET in the mommy's belly? "

Being a good Dad, I answered, "Ask Mom when she comes downstairs."

Monday, December 14, 2009


To go along with our random pictures from the last couple of months, here is what our girls are and have been up to lately.

Fiona has been happy and busy. She still LOVES preschool and goes three days a week. She enjoys going there and never wants to leave when we come to pick her up. She has made friends there, loves her teachers, and really enjoys learning everything. Fiona is still practicing on writing and reading. She writes her name, Nora, Dad, and Mom very easily. She can spell short words and is always reading letters out loud wherever we go. I am sure reading will be along soon. Fiona can write the alphabet, some letters are better then others. Her new "game" is finding words that match (aka rhyme). Fiona continues to love art, music, dancing, and all things Princess. She has recently started playing with puzzles and drawing faces/people/animals with great detail. Fiona makes us laugh every day--she is always coming up with some adult phrase that proves she is beyond her years. Today she told Nora that her "actions are just not appropriate for breakfast". I told her today at naptime that she was the oldest 3 year old I've ever known. She just smiled at me and said "Mom, thats because I am almost 4". Ok, Fiona.

Speaking of Nora, she is growing up before our eyes! She is almost 14 months old now and we still can't believe what a difference a year makes. Nora is working on talking right now. She can say: Mama, Dada, Papa, Baba, Ball, Cracker, Car, Casey, Hi, Bye. Every once in awhile she will throw in a random word and then refuses to say it again. Nora also sings, which is adorable and not on video yet. She has a quiet little voice when she sings and she sways side to side. She still loves to dance to any kind of music. Nora is crawling and not walking. She can stand, but rarely chooses to. She can walk holding our hands, but chooses not to. She is a crafty second child who wants to enjoy being carried everywhere. Nora loves to play, mostly with Fiona's toys. She loves to crawl around the house with a purse on her shoulder or talk on a toy phone. Nora is a happy baby 99% of the time with huge smiles and a wrinkled up nose. If she is UNhappy, however, watch out--you can hear her scream from rooms away and she will hit you if you get too close. What can I say, she has a hot Irish temper! Nora is a joy, she makes us laugh with her silly antics, and we love watching her grow up.

The girls are EXACTLY what I hoped for when I dreamt of having sisters. Already. They are sweet and loving to one another. They enjoy playing together, sharing, making one another happy. Granted, it isn't that way ALL the time, but almost. Fiona is an excellent big sister who takes great "care" of Nora. Nora adores her big sister and wants to be with her all the time. Jim and I get such happiness watching them interact every day. We are so excited for Christmas this year to see their reactions.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Picture time!

Here we go--a random sample of pictures from the last couple of months.

A random Saturday couch tent:

Adorable sweet moment:
"Try vanilla, Nora":
Pucker up, Buttercup:


The girls in Chicago at the Bean:

They look so alike to me sometimes:

Classic Santa picture:

Fiona decorating our tree:

Fiona posing with her new Cinderella ornament:

Monday, December 7, 2009

We are still here, promise.

Sorry bloggers that we haven't updated in awhile. Its been a long few weeks in the Boldischar house and we are hoping to get some updates and pictures on here soon. Fiona was in the hospital with croup (damn croup!) a couple of weeks ago and Nora just got over a double ear infection/sinus infection combo from hell. Fingers crossed, we are coming out of the fog now and should be up and running again soon.

Laughter can be heard from the little blue eyed girls in the house, so life is getting better.

More later!