Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stuff we like

Forgive my randomness, I was thinking of things I really like/enjoy. Then I thought of things the kids like. You see where this is going.

Jim likes:
-to read
-hearing laughter

Wendy likes:
-carmel mochas
-watching movies
-kissing my girls cheeks

Fiona likes:
-vanilla ice cream
-to run
-reading books

Nora likes:
-listening to music

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before our eyes

Our children are growing up so fast, right before our eyes! Daily life gets so hectic and busy that it takes you awhile to realize how time flies.

It is all in the little details right now at our house. Fiona rode her princess bike all the way to the park and back yesterday. This is an accomplishment because she has been favoring her big wheel all summer long out of pure frustration that pedaling her "big girl bike" was difficult. I was following behind her with the stroller and just realized how gracefully she was riding. Amazing. Today Nora stood up several times and even balanced on her knees without holding onto anything for support. This is a big deal because she usually panics whenever she is not on all fours. Our kiddos are growing up!

To prove that point I will include a conversation I had 30 minutes ago with Fiona at bedtime.

Fiona: Mom, don't forget you are married to Dad.

Me: Ok, I won't.

Fiona: And that I am married to Campbell (boy from preschool).

Me: Oh yeah?

Fiona: Yep. BUT he won't listen to me....

Me: Well, get used to that, honey.

Fiona: I tried to kiss him, but he didn't want to.

Me: Well, you shouldn't be kissing boys yet.

Fiona: When CAN I kiss a boy? Kiss Campbell?

Me: When you are older.

Fiona: Tomorrow?

Me: (pausing to think) You can kiss a boy when you get married.

Fiona: Ok. How about when I am a princess wearing a dress?

Me: Sure. You can kiss Campbell when you are a princess and he is a prince.

Fiona: (sigh) And we twirl together......(sigh) insert hair twirling here

I sense a lot of these types of conversations in our future.

Lets hope they don't grow up too fast.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here are some pictures from the Halloween season! Fiona helping pull the wagon with our pumpkins, carving said pumpkins, a family halloween picture, and the girls comparing their candy on Halloween night!