Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Half way to FOUR

Like my last post, I am in disbelief. This time its that Fiona is 3 and a half!

Fiona is our firecracker. It all started when I was pregnant with her--seven weeks of bedrest for preterm labor and then I go past my duedate. She has continued to blaze a path all her own and we just watch and keep her company.

Fiona is doing great in preschool--she has met many friends, loves her teachers and recently made it on the news! We laugh with her every day and can't wait to see what her future holds.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Nora is 11 months!

Let the birthday countdown begin!

Our sweet baby girl is only four weeks away from turning ONE. Nora continues to be a happy and content little girl. She just started properly crawling on her knees this week and is all happy with herself.
Fiona and Nora get closer each day and make us smile and laugh more and more.

I can't believe I am planning Nora's birthday party. Where does that first year go?!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo Catch-Up

So we recently had an unpleasant experience - the hard drive crashed on our PC (Dan, no comments). Fortunately, we had recently backed up our vital docs. And by we, I mean Wendy. Thanks again, Wen!

With our main computer out of commission, we've been lazy getting new photos uploaded. And by we, I mean me. So it's time for a Photo Catch-Up! Here's a random assortment from the past few weeks!

The girls wore their matching watermelon dresses to a recent dinner party.

One pleasant morning, we went out and played on the deck. In our pajamas.

Fiona at her absolute favorite spot in the world - the park. How about that look of joy?!

This is at another park - we call it the "Horsie Park," and here's Fiona hopping on one.

We planted seeds back in the spring, they eventually grew into these lovely flowers.

During this past weekend, we spent a little time fishing. No luck, though!

Nora's not pulling herself up quite yet, but she will stand if we help her. She was thrilled to catch a glimpse out this window with her sister.