Friday, July 31, 2009


Sorry, bloggers, but we have been away due to two sick kids. Nora has had a high fever for 5 days now and Fiona had a cold--this means we have been holding children all week. Sweet Nora has been a miserable lump of a baby--she has just camped out on a warm chest or her crib all day long, day in and day out.

We hope to be back in the land of living again soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last week Fiona started her swimming lessons at our city's aquatic center. Unlike last year, when it was Parent & Kid both in the water, Fiona is in the water by herself this year. Well, with some other kids and an instructor, but I'M not in there with her! I tell you, it felt really strange that first day, not being right there for her. But Fiona adjusted just fine, and it's perfect for her. She gets to socialize with the other kids in her group, and is learning the basics of swimming. Here she is practicing "scooping" with her arms. Adorable! (Note - turn down/off your volume. It was windy that day!)

Speaking of swimming...Wendy and I love to look back at old pictures of the kids on our computer. It always blows our mind to SEE how little they were, or to watch old videos and listen to the noises they made. (I know, we have a THREE YEAR OLD and a NINE MONTH OLD, and we're already reminiscing). So here's three years of Fiona in swimsuits, in the summers of '07, '08 and '09:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy summer

I feel like this year has just flown by. Somehow I blinked and it is mid-July! Summer is always busy for everyone, especially those with small children. Last summer we were moving down here, unpacking, adjusting to a new state, and preparing for our second baby. This summer we are just trying to enjoy every moment--what a big relief.

I will blame us being busy for so many pictureless postings. To make up for that, here are the best ones I could find from the hundreds of new ones.

We have had fun with BOXES:

Some of us more than others:

Nora has started eating (ahem) real food:

She even likes pickles--she clearly gets that from
her Momma:

When the weather is nice, we go outside:

And when the weather is not nice,
we patiently wait for it to turn:

Fiona has begun to spell and try to read already:

Soon she will be driving:

The girls are starting to really play with one another:

Overall we are just enjoying being together:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simple Pleasures

It's 75 and sunny right now. Fiona, Casey & I are sitting outside in the shade. I'm staring up into the blue sky, watching for 747's. We live about 20 miles north of O'Hare, and tend to see a fair amount of the outbound planes. I love watching the 747's rumble up into the sky. Unlike every other plane in the sky, a 747 is on its way to someplace distant. An international destination. When we lived in Minnesota, there were only a couple of 747s that Northwest flew out of MSP. But here in Chicago, there are 747s from all sorts of airlines, heading to England, or Germany, or India.

Haven't seen one this morning, but I am enjoying the opportunity to watch. And to watch Fiona as she does somersaults in the grass.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am not tired and I will NOT rest

Some days being a Mother is the most glorious feeling in the world. Your child smiles at you, says your name, listens so intently to what you say, you skip down a path holding hands......

And other days being a Mother feels like being at war or survival of the fittest. Who will break first? Who will cave in? Who will win the victory? On those days your child screams in your face, shouts NO at a decibel level that only mothers and dogs can hear, refuses to do anything you say, and makes you question your own sanity. You say a prayer out loud and under your breath for serenity.

The title of this post is what Fiona just told me when I found her hiding in her bathroom at nap time. She does this thing where she covers her eyes thinking that I can't see her and she was doing that in the dark by the bathtub. Some days, I will skip her nap and let the cards fall where they may. Today? Oh hell no--you are going in the bed child for 1 hour like it or lump it. Why? Because I have the flu and I just barely got Nora to fall asleep with a stuffy nose.

I am certain that Fiona is exhausted and sadly, I am also certain that she will be joining me in 59 minutes. Sigh....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hair cut

Fiona has only had two hair cuts in her life. The first one was when she was 1 and the second was lastnight.

We get comments on her long, beautiful, and naturally curly hair all the time. However, it is hard to manage--often gets stuck in clothes and her armpits. I thought it was time to just give it a healthy trim knowing it will grow back.

Fiona enoyed the experience; she got to watch a movie, sit in a cool car, and got a sucker when she was done. The ladies there were in awe of Fi's vocab; she didn't stop talking the entire time. She even stopped and thanked everyone for her new haircut.

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