Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few

I am enjoying the last few minutes of double-nap bliss here, so no time to be cute or witty.

Here are some recent pictures of the girls:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Fishing Adventure

I'm happy to say that today was a lovely Father's Day. Fiona let me sleep in (aka, she did not wake me up @ 5:30), Wendy surprised me with a wonderful professional portrait of her with the girls, and for dinner we grilled some burgers. The highlight, though, was this morning, when I took Fiona fishing. Before we headed to a lake, we stopped by a bait shop. I told her we needed to find a store that sold worms. When we got there and I pulled into a parking spot, she asked, "Dad, are we at the snail store?" Close enough!

Anyway, the fishing itself was as peacful and relaxing as it can be when you're with a three year old - first she wanted to smack the water with her rod, then she wanted to be done so that she could eat a snack. Later she was more interested in climbing up rocks. But somehow, in the midst of all that lack of interest and attention - she caught two sunnies! Here are a couple photos I snapped documenting her success. And for the record, Dad caught zero.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Really sweet

On the mornings where Fiona is at camp, I have extra time to spend alone with Nora. As a second child, she doesn't often get time alone with either parent and I feel bad about that at times. For her morning nap, I have gotten into the habit of rocking her all snuggled up like I did when she was a newborn. Nora loves the attention and stares at me with those big blue eyes straining to stay awake long enough to enjoy it all.

For awhile now I pretend with Nora; I pretend I am drinking her bottle, eating her food, or sucking on her pacifier. I did the same thing with Fiona as a baby and both girls smile every time. Well, this morning when I was rocking Nora she was being playful and tried to put her pacifier in my mouth. I didn't understand at first, but then she made sucking sounds. OH! So I pretended to suck on it. Then she held her lovely up against my cheek and started making song-like sounds. I couldn't believe it, but played along and closed my eyes. When I opened them she was smiling at me. At 7 months she can play pretend in her own way, share, and be kind towards someone. Unbelievable. Children are amazing.

It was a sweet moment that I will not forget.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rollin' and a scootin'

Wednesday evening our sweet little Nora started rolling around the room in search of new toys. She wasn't interested in staying on her blanket or her baby toys and that was the motivation for the movement. She has been rolling from one side to the other (mostly from back to belly) for months, but never used it as a form of movement. Until now. In addition, she can scoot a few inches in either direction, also in search of new toys. Toys has a broad definition for a 7 month old--it really means anything from Fiona's toys, to Casey's toys, to remote controls, cell phones, and bits of paper. This, of course, means we will likely see her crawling and adding those blasted baby gates again.

Its funny, you want your first child to move, crawl, walk as soon as possible. With your second, you do everything you can to prevent the movement!

The thought of these two blue eyed girls running full speed in opposite directions sends a few small shivers down my spine, I have to be honest.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She cracks me up

Fiona's vocab just makes me giggle.

Here are some funny/sweet moments of Fiona's from today:

-I got the girls professional pictures taken this morning and Fiona was a doll the entire time. Randomly when she was posing she asked the photographer "Have you been wondering if I brought my ducky with?".

-I also took her to buy new shoes for summer camp and we got her feet measured. She walked right up to the saleslady and said "Hi Ma'am, can you please measure how big my feet are and show me some new shoes". After getting measured she was looking at the display shoes. After a few minutes she asked the same saleslady why there were only 1 of every shoe. "Where did you put the other shoe in this pair?"

-On the way home she was taking in all of the fun she had that morning and said to me "Mom, I think it must be my birthday again. I had fun, dressed up, AND got presents!".

-For dinner we had corn on the cob, which we haven't had since last summer. She loved it then and was so happy to have it again this year. I showed it to her and she yelped with joy--from corn.

-After her nap she was eating a yogurt when my niece Lauren called to ask her to go out on a walk. She said to me "Umm, no, tell Lauren I am busy". I handed her my phone and I heard her say "Hi Lauren, so how are you? Sure I can go on a walk with ya, but can you give me a few moments? I will meet you out there. Ok, luv you, byeeeee".

-When Jim was putting her to bed, she gave him a big hug and said "Thank you for being a good boy and getting a treat" He had made her smores for dessert and she also thanked him at bedtime for "making smoes and being a great maker".

I think our 3 year old might actually be 23.


For those of you wondering what our little girls are up to lately, here are a few notes on
each of them.

  • New words and phrases: suitable, bloody (woops), don't talk to me, I need privacy, frustrated, oh you little sweetheart (in a really high pitched voice and directed at Nora)
  • She still pronounces a few words incorrectly, or like a younger child, and I hope it lasts forever. Vanilla is vanLilla, put is puk, yogurt is yogret. She is very concerned with correct grammar, which boggles my mind. She wants to use the right words and will correct herself in mid sentence to get it perfectly. "I seen her. I saw her, Mommy"
  • loves to draw and write. She can trace her hand very well now and is writing her own name! That is a recent development and is really cool to see.
  • rides her big-wheel very well, but has trouble pedaling her big girl bike and often avoids it
  • has recently begun eating a lot for really the first time in her 3 years. She will often ask for a seconds at each meal and is so hungry she will take anything she can get.
  • still takes a midday nap (lucky, I know)--usually from 1:30-2:30pm
  • has been completely daytime potty trained since Easter with no accidents
  • her favorite song is You are my Sunshine; favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty; favorite toy are her Disney statues; favorite food is spaghetti
  • is still very much a Mommy's girl. She likes to cuddle with me more then before, she is very complimentary and affectionate; often telling me that she loves me or that I am beautiful or the best (warms my heart).


  • has some mild stranger anxiety, it started briefly in MN, but definitely since her ER trip (who could blame her?). She mostly just turns her head towards whoever is holding her and acts shy
  • can put her arms up when you ask "how big is Nora"
  • tries to clap her hands if asked; claps her feet often first
  • rolls from side to side, usually from back to belly, doesn't roll around the room
  • tries to scoot, but doesn't get anywhere
  • loves music or anything with a beat; will dance on command by wiggling her head and body
  • plays peek-a-boo with a blanket/bib/burp cloth
  • giggles at Fiona, Jim, and Casey
  • looks out the window at the trains going by and follows them with her eyes
  • loves going for walks, being outside, or looking out the window
  • rarely cries, fusses for attention, smiles a lot, talks a little bit--she can say MaMa and BaBa
  • her favorite song is Winnie the Pooh, favorite toy is either her lovey or the baby cell phone; favorite food, hmmm, oatmeal with fruit or sweet potatoes
  • is still a Daddy's girl, she cries for Jim, loves just being near him
  • she will cuddle us now by putting her head down on our chest, she will lean her head in to Jim's lips for a kiss, she gave Jim a big wet kiss the other day, and hugged me yesterday (also melts my heart)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random "recent" pictures

To make up for pages of posts without pictures, here is a slew of Boldischar girl pics.

Prepare yourselves!

Fiona's curlers:

Nora's new face:

Fiona working hard on an art project:

Nora's usual face when she sees Jim and he
isn't holding her fast enough:

Nora 5 seconds after her Daddy picks her up:

Fiona loves high heeled shoes:

I think its a fashion-forward statement:

Nora all dressed up:

Fiona excited to see a new toy:

Poor little Nora's IV bandage:

But we promise she is all better now: