Saturday, May 30, 2009

MN Weekend

Here are many photos from our trip up to MN over Memorial Day weekend. Despite the challenges from Nora being so sick, we really did have a great time - from the ride (Fiona enjoyed her new pink big girl booster seat), to the hotel (Residence Inn - we love you), to the weather and all the family we were able to see. It was a very nice weekend.

Now Wendy and I just need to take a vacation. : )

The travel pillow really made for a comfy ride.

One of our many stops on the way there, this was a rest stop in Wisconsin. In addition to the wood steps and scenic view, this rest area featured the world's largest assembly of mosquitoes. About 17 billion.

There were so many that I had to feed Nora in the car.

Kickin' back at our dining room table at the hotel.

The pool was definitely a highlight for Fiona.

I'm telling you, new or recently renovated Residence Inns are the best places to stay if you have kids.

Nora and her Grandma.

Fiona and cousin Ruby, enjoying lunch at their Grandparents'.

At my brother Pat's house, the Boldischar Girls displayed impressive athletic ability. Must be from their Mom.

Fi with our Goddaughter Olivia, and Pat's niece Mary.

"Raise your hand if you had fun back in Minnesota!"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poor Miss Nora

We made it home from our adventures in Minnesota, but not without drama. I swear, drama and "issues" follow me around. Nora did great on the drive home, but was very sick again when we returned home. I took her to her pediatrician (whom, I just love and feel so lucky to have found here) and at that time she was on the border of dehydration from the stomach flu. I monitored her at home and she was really sleepy all day. As the day wore on, she got more sleepy, lethargic and fussy. Our pediatrician wanted her to go to the ER if she got any worse and I was perparing to make that trip when she threw up everything she had taken in that day. Luckily my Mom was here anyway and we were able to wisk Nora off right away.

It was strange bringing Nora back to the hospital where she was born (and where I work); defintely a helpless feeling. Jim and I helped her get through a IV, blood draws, and a catheter. She was amazing through the whole process, but was defintely sick. It was horrible to see her in pain, but worse to see her limp and lethargic. We were able to take her home after a few hours, a couple of IV boluses, and normal blood/urine results. She was very happy to be back in her own crib again.

Today she is doing a bit better and we continue to monitor her. Thankfully she has drank a couple of bottles of Pedialyte (out of pure thirst, not interest, since she hasn't had milk in over a day) and has been resting. I can see the sparkle returning in her eyes, which warms my heart.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, it will be memorial alright

Jim's younger brother Pat graduated from college this weekend (yeah, Pat!!) and we took the opportunity to venture to MN for a long weekend with our girls.

We have only taken Fiona in the car between MN and IL a few times, so we were very nervous about doing it with two children. The drive on Friday was long, just over 9 hours with a hand full of stops for potty breaks, diaper changes, a change of scenery, and bottles. Both girls were great during most of the drive and we were very impressed.

We are staying at a lovely two bedroom suite where the girls have napped and slept in the same bedroom (also impressive) and we have all eaten at the kitchen table just like home. Sadly, Miss Nora caught a stomach bug early Sunday morning and we have been dealing with her issues. Thankfully the hotel has laundry machines is all I have to say!

We are not looking forward to the drive home, especially given Nora's situation, but we were very happy to spend so much time with family over the weekend. Fiona has really enjoyed seeing her grandparents again since they are a topic of daily conversation at our house.

We promise to get some pictures on this blog when we return home.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some luck

Life is back to normal.

Do you want to know how I know that? Its because my luck has returned.
Now, don't read into that and think I won the lottery, found a $20 bill, or slept for 12 hours.

What I got back was Wendy luck. Let me give you an example of said luck.

I was at the Starbucks drive-thru this evening before work. I was paying and getting my coffee and since it was a nice day out there were people sitting out on the patio. I noticed a couple sat at a table right next to the drive-thru lane. I pull forward slowly with my window still down--you know, for a few moments of fresh air before entering the hospital for 9 hours--looking towards the patio.

Thats when I was hit with (wait for it)..........garbage.

Yes, I was hit in the shoulder and chest with the lady's gum stuffed in some cardboard while driving with my window down.

She apparently flung three random pieces of trash in the direction of the garbage can in the drive-thru lane kind of hoping it would land inside. As it hit me, I yelped and then followed it with a dirty look and "nice". I mean, it couldn't have been her credit card or a wad of cash now, could it?

As I drove away I wondered to myself "is this the sign of a garbage night at work?".

Nope, just my luck returning to me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby laundry

I am not a fan, that's for sure.

With your first child you quickly realize that they make a lot of laundry. You wash bibs, burp cloths, onesies both long and short sleeved, footed pajamas, socks, you name it. As they grow the items change slightly and the wardrobe expands. You have to make room for tee shirts both long and short sleeves, pants, one piece outfits, dresses, underwear, undershirts, you get my point, there are 20 different categories. Then you add another child into the laundry mix and soon you are up to 40 different categories. If your kids are similar in size (for arguments sake lets say 21lbs and 32lbs) you find yourself staring at a shirt asking "now, who's shirt is this?".

Lets not even mention the fact that you have to find room for all those clothes.

To my knowledge, though, no one has ever drowned in baby laundry so I plod on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inquisitive 3 Yr Old

Fiona woke up this morning sneezing and with a runny nose...uh-oh. She's been sick a couple of times since Nora was born, and each time we've done our best to limit her interaction with her little sister. If you know Fiona, though, she's not one to be contained.

I explained to her this morning that she should not touch Nora or her toys since she's sick. "But why?" I told her, "Because you have germs on your hands." She looked at her hands and asked the predictable question: "Where, Daddy?" I said they were very very small, so small they couldn't be seen. She held up her hands and gasped, "Oh, I SEE them!"

Yet another example of her inquisitive mind, always trying to sponge up more answers. Her questions remind me of one of my favorite books as a child: Charlie Brown's Book of Super Questions. I'll have to buy the whole set of these books so that Fiona can pore over them once she begins reading.

And as I'm typing this, Fiona sneezed. Earlier I told her to turn her head away from Nora if she feels a sneeze. Right now when I asked her what she's supposed to do next time she sneezes, she answered: "Turn my head left and right and look both ways for cars." OK, that works, too!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

When did this happen??

Let me set the scene for you....

It is a Friday evening, Jim and I eat dinner, feed the girls, clean up, bathe the girls, put the girls to bed. Its about 8:15pm, we chat a bit, clean up the kitchen, agree to watch a movie, and find a movie to watch. We get a snack and settle into the first 10 minutes of the chosen movie. Then we hear a noise coming from the stairs....

Fiona has gotten herself into the habit of getting out of her bed/room and coming down stairs in the evening. When it first started happening we would bring her back up there and start a bedtime routine again. Now that we are months into it, she just gets told to go back to bed. These visits don't happen every night, but sometimes they do happen once or twice a night. Luckily, she willingly goes back to bed and is asleep at a decent time.

What was funny about last night was Jim busted her on the stairs and before he could tell her to go to bed she asked with big blue eyes "What are you guys watching?". When I heard that I had to laugh. I remember being fascinated by my parents when I was young--I would sneak out to hear their conversations when they had guests over, I was curious to know what they did at work or when they were out.

Now, we are parents and our child is curious and fascinated.

We don't feel very fascinating when we are working, cleaning, talking, or watching a movie.

Fiona is right at that age where the world starts to make a little sense and she can't get enough information. The mornings after I work (I work until midnight these days) she will ask me what the name of the baby was that I helped deliver. When Jim is at work she asks me if he is wearing a suit with a tie. After her nap she asks me what I was doing while she was asleep. At the library she wants to know who is going to check-out the books we return and who puts them back on the shelf. In line at the ATM she wants to know where the money is. At Target she asked where the toilets were and if they had a little one for just her.

It is amazing to see her grow up, but it is even better to see Jim and I evolve as parents.
I love being on this journey.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RN Shout-out!


That today, May 6th, is Nurse's Day?

Now, make no mistake - this is not a made-up Hallmark holiday. There has been observation for National Nurses Week since 1954, and in 1982, the US Congress designated May 6th as the National Recognition Day for Nurses.

I can't say enough good things about nurses - and not just because I'm in love and married to one. Think of how often we all interact with nurses - at a clinic, at school, in hospitals - they are an incredibly valuable part of our health care system.

When I think back to the deliveries of our two daughters, I have lots of fond memories - telling Wendy we had a girl, cutting the cords, holding my daughters for the first time, changing their first diaper. But I also have great memories of the nurses that helped Wendy through the labor and delivery of both girls.
So, THANK YOU Karen, Anna, and Carrie from Methodist Hospital (Fiona ), and THANK YOU Maureen, Kathy, Melinda and Jancy from Lake Forest Hospital (Nora).

Here are pictures from both girls' first baths. Guess who's wearing the gloves - our NURSES!

And, of course, my favorite nurse in the world...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple joys

Life is really about simple joys.

We all have joys that are specific and dear to us. Here are some of mine in a random order:

-reading a good book
-watching my children eat/knowing they aren't hungry
-hearing from old friends
-chocolate in any form
-my children sleeping
-the sound of Jim, Fiona, and/or Nora laughing
-a warm blanket

Sometimes when I get to enjoy one of those simple joys I feel overwhelmed to document the moment with a picture.


(This is written by Wendy, by the way, somehow it says Jim wrote it. I think its obvious that Jim has MUCH different joys than I do.)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Picture post

I got a free moment to sort through some recent pictures of the girls this morning and thought I would share them. Its next to impossible to get to the downstairs computer these days with the girls, thus the picture hiatus. Thanks to Nora's morning nap and Fiona's sudden interest in being in her (gasp) playroom, I made a daytime blog posting! Woah, impressive. Granted this post has been interrupted over 10 times with snack requests, potty trips, phone calls, a whining dog, and me being served play food by Fiona.

The girls in their Big/Lil' sister shirts on a good day:

A normal day with Princess Fiona:

Nora waving to you folks:

Some recent pacifier regression:

Nora loving her exersaucer:

Yet another attempt to get a sister picture: