Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mmmm, mmmma, maaaaa

That is the sound that I am hearing over the baby monitor.

I should be hearing the sweet sound of my baby napping, but instead I hear well-timed versions of my name. Blasted Momma. The things you don't realize with your first kid--don't rush them to say your name. What for? It gets repeated 100 times a day after that first time for many years to come.

Moms are the center of the universe, I am convinced. Kids learn early that Momma=comfort, safety, food, happiness, sleep, you name it. I've been told this week alone that I am the best back scratcher, make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, do the best laundry, and make the best bed. Impressed? I'm not either.

While it warms my heart to know my girls love me and need me, I also find myself turning off baby monitors and setting up a play area on the other side of the house from time to time.

And sometimes when I am really lucky I get to hear what I am enjoying right now.........


Ahhhh, let us all enjoy this moment before it melts away......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 months and growing!

Miss Nora turned six months old last week and we realize we are now on the fast side of her first year. Before our very eyes Nora now eats three meals a day, babbles, sits up, has teeth, rolls over, and tries to scoot. Where did our baby go?!

This is one of my favorite baby stages because they see the world in a whole new way and love all of it. Nora definitely is loving a lot right now--Fiona, Casey, anyone who talks or sings to her, going for walks in the stroller, eating baby food, her exersaucer, baths, being tickled, the list goes on. Fiona remains her best friend and source for all joy--she never gets tired of watching Fiona or listening to her. I can tell that Nora can't wait to be on the move like her big sister. Those two are going to be a force someday. Food is new and exciting for Nora at this point, too, she loves all veggies so far and makes sour faces with fruit. Add that to the list of differences between the sisters.

Nora was at the pediatrician today for her 6 month well check and passed with flying colors. The doctor was pleased with her development and we got the all clear to start yogurt, mashed potatoes, and small table foods when we want. I can tell you right now that Nora will LOVE her Daddy's homemade mashed potatoes. :)

Our dainty princess also got weighed in and now weighs....20lbs 9oz. I had a feeling she was at the 20lb mark and it was confirmed. Jim and I are in denial that we need to take her out of the bucket car seat and put in another convertible seat. Fun fact: at 6 months old Nora is at the same weight that Fiona was at 13 months!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elusive dancing footage

Everyone has heard the song by Beyonce, "All the Single Legs," right? No no, it's not Ladies, it's Legs. According to Fiona, at least. It's one of her favorite songs, and she loves when it comes up on Wendy's iPod or on the radio. She's also seen the video a few times, enough so that she knows a few of the dance moves. She also knows that Beyonce has an asymmetrical outfit on (NOTE: for those of you who don't watch Project Runway, that means one shoulder), as shown below.

Most days, when it's time to change into her clothes, Fiona will pull one arm out of her pajama shirt and start singing, "All the Single Legs, All the Single Legs." We get a kick out of this display, but we've never been able to capture it on video....UNTIL NOW! Here's Fiona performing for her little sister. How long before this becomes a duet???

Two times the fun!

No, I'm not referring to our two beautiful daughters. Nora has been teething for the past few weeks, and in the past week it reached its peak - she's been chewing her pacifier more than she's been sucking it, and her favorite part of eating food is when she can suck on the cold washcloth at the end.

Wendy and I have been keeping our eyes peeled for the elusive tooth, and it finally arrived a few days ago. Or rather, THEY arrived! Two little white nubs on the bottom row. It's tricky to get a decent picture of them, since she's either gnawing on a toy or rubbing her tongue over her gums. After about 50 attempts to get a picture, this is the best we got.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nora Video

So a few weeks ago, Nora had a very noteworthy day. In the morning, she ate solids for the first time: delicious Gerber Rice Cereal. Then later that afternoon, Wendy, Fiona and I all cheered her on as she rolled over for the first time from tummy to back. Here's a video capturing it all - enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We love 'em! Can't get enough. Keep it coming!

Interested in visiting us in lovely Vernon Hills? Come on down! Last weekend my sister Natalie and her family drove down from MN to visit us for a long weekend. The weather was bad - it actually snowed - but it was great to spend time with all of them. Fiona especially enjoyed playing with her cousins. Here's a few photos - plus a flashback at the end!

The Girls!

Emma & Fiona

Fiona with Ruby & Grace @ Navy Pier

Ruby and Fiona from September '06!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today we had very cooperative weather in the northern suburbs of Chicago, which made for a very pleasant Easter. This also marked the first Easter that we hid the girls' Easter baskets. Was this a childhood tradition for anyone else? I can remember baskets being hidden some years, others they were not. Considering my parents had 7 to deal with, you can't blame them for choosing to simply set the baskets out on our kitchen table. I had a hard enough time hiding two this morning!

Nora's basket contained a couple of new pacifiers, a stuffed bunny, and the book "Pat The Bunny." Kudos to my lovely wife for getting such an appropriate piece of literature. Fiona's basket included Play-Doh, some bubbles, a similar stuffed bunny, an M&M Easter egg, and then a select few pieces of Easter candy hidden in plastic eggs. The first egg had two Reese's Pieces eggs, which were consumed in seconds. The second had fruit snacks, which I simply took out of the pantry - also consumed immediately. The third held a piece of Easter candy very near and dear to me. Was it a Cadbury Egg? No, that is far too rich for me, and too messy for a 3 year old. A Peep, perhaps? Absolutely not, too sugary and obnoxious. Every store sells a billion of them in 20 different colors.

This last egg included a single chocolate covered marshmallow egg. I bought a container - actually, carton - of these eggs because they have long been one of my favorite Easter candy vices. Reeses Peanut Butter eggs are good, too. Very good, actually. But if you eat 2 or 3 of those, you start to regret it. Now, these chocolate covered marshmallow eggs? You could pop 4 or 5 of these in your mouth and they won't weigh you down. Plus, they are incredibly cheap: $.99 for a carton of 12. I challenge you, Blog Reader, to find better deal on Easter candy than that!

This morning, as Fiona had me help her open the plastic egg containing said chocolate covered marshmallow egg, I was curious to see her reaction. Would she enjoy it as much as her daddy? Or would she have her mommy's refined and high-priced taste for chocolate, and demand something labeled Dove? Well, take a look - I think the noises Fi makes speak for themselves.

Later today, after burning off all the sugar that was consumed, we went to Wendy's parents' for a great roasted lamb dinner. All in all, it wasn't baaaaad. Here are some pics from tonight.

The sisters, in matching Easter dresses.

Hmm...Can someone photoshop Fiona's face
from that Sisters photo into one of these?

By the way - Nora smiles like this about 250
times a day. Adorable! Let's take another look...


Friday, April 10, 2009

She likes it!

Nora is 5 months old now and we finally gave into the baby food stage of her life. We have been delaying it as much as possible (come on, after the first kid its a bit of a pain), but she pretty much grabbed a piece of pizza out of Jim's hand one night in a desperate search for food and we took it as a sign.

Two weeks ago I gave her rice cereal and she did well once she got the point of it--a few seconds later. She has now added sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, bananas, and apples into her diet. At this point her fave is sweet potatoes, just like her sister. Speaking of which, Fiona was in awe of Nora eating baby food and has offered to feed her several times. I got some pictures of the historic event and even managed to take a short video. You will have to wait until Jim can upload the video, though, sorry.

You know, Mom, this bib tastes pretty good:

Hey child, here is some grub:

Ohhh, that looks interesting:

Some face, eh?

I'm full:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fiona's stats

Fiona had her 3 year doctor's appointment yesterday and did very well. She woke up from her nap early and realized it was time to go see the doc--she was not excited. We have only taken her to the doctor 3 times since her 2nd birthday (lucky, I know), so she isn't super comfortable with the venue. She cheered up after a few snacks and the promise of a trip to the library afterwards. It did give her a chance to spend alone time with her Mom and see the hospital where I work. It was a miserable rainy day and I laughed out loud watching her walk across the parking lot in rain boots/coat, carrying her baby doll and holding her umbrella. Where did our baby go??!!

The appointment was brief, height/weight, blood pressure, a few questions, and a general exam. The stats are: 32lbs (50th precentile) and 38 inches (75th precentile). Fiona passed the time waiting for the doctor by playing doctor and "charting" at his desk, ensuring me that she was a good doctor and would not look in my mouth. Needless to say, the pediatrician was impressed with her vocabulary and language skills--she checked out healthy, too. She gets all of that from her father. :)