Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visit with Nora

Well, I've been really bad with putting up postings. I think this is my second one in 2009. Shame on me! But hopefully I can make up for my lack of postings with another entertaining video! It's that age-old story: Girl meets dog - girl growls at dog - dog runs away. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fiona the chef

Fiona, like her father, really likes to cook. She loves to help out in the kitchen--pouring, measuring, mixing. I often hear her pretending to cook and following recipes. Well, at the moment she is at my parents house sitting at their kitchen island having her own cooking show. She has a big mixing bowl, spoon, a recipe, and is talking to her audience and telling them how to make her dish.

Who knows, she might be a chef when she grows up!

Although, I did ask her what she wants to be when she grows up for the first time in months last week and she told me a baby doctor. There is plenty of time in a day to hold down two jobs, right?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

4 months

Miss Nora is 4 months old today! Her new interests are chewing on everything and anything she can get near her mouth, blowing raspberries, growling, and laughing. She continues to be a sweet baby who loves attention and isn't very fond of sleeping. We are hoping that last one will change one of these days/weeks/months.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks:
Nora loves her fingers:
A morning cuddle:

Jim and his girls:

Our two Valentines:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Horrible, terrible

I am sure that you can by the title of this post, that this will be an uplifting message of hope and love. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaa.

This week was a rough one, one for the record books. Jim left us girls for a work trip, as you could likely tell from Tuesdays post, and things went a little crazy. Fiona had a cold right before he left (as mentioned), I got it as his backed away from the house, and Nora got it that night. Of course, Fiona was the first one to get better and I am still suffering days later. I can barely keep up with non-sick Fiona, but this week was a killer. Sick hyper Fiona met sick sleepy Wendy who met rarely sleeping and fussy Nora. It was a perfect storm of events that has left me, well, looking for a place to stay tonight. Luckily, Jim is on a plane as I type and tomorrow is Friday, AKA Fiona's class day--gotta love that.

Next week can only get better. Right??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today was a rough day for countless reasons. We could leave it at that, but I think I will share a few highlights for kicks.

Jim was out of the house at 7am, which always means a long day for me. I didn't wake up well, so I was playing catch up with most things. I had just gotten Nora back asleep, Fiona fed, and put in her favorite movie so I could get a quick shower. I explained the rules to her: just watch your movie, no running/shouting/kicking the dog/going upstairs/waking up your sister, I assured her I would be back in ten minutes. At minute 8 I heard Fiona shouting. I poked my head out of my bedroom door to see her at the bottom of the stairs asking me to open her fruit snacks. Seriously? I mimed no (Nora asleep, remember) and continued on getting ready. It was quiet downstairs--too quiet. I flew down the stairs, wet hair and all, to see Fiona with her hands behind her back. Ugh oh. When asked what she had in her hand, she replied with "Mom, can you put this away for me?" and handed me...a vegetable peeler. It wasn't even 8am and we already had a sharp implement. Good God.

It was indeed a tense day in the relationship between Fiona and her mother. We both have colds and are very different sick people. I am mopey and tired, where she is somehow hyper and talkative. We kept clashing. She is a smart cookie and every time I was reaching my boiling point she would say "I love you, Mom" or "I like you, Mom" or "You are so sweet, Mom" or the killer... "I am making you happy, right, Mom?". Oh help me now.

We will see what tomorrow brings us. For now, I have both girls asleep and am right behind them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend in the City

No, I'm not talking about the album by Bloc Party, but rather what Fiona and her Daddy did a couple of weekends ago. OK, it wasn't an entire weekend, but it was most of the day on Saturday. Trust me, when you're with Fiona, a half day can feel like a weekend!

Here's the story: Wendy was out of town with her friends from MN, and I was at home with the girls. Wendy's mom came over to watch Nora while Fiona and I headed out on our 'adventure' - which is a sure-fire way to ensure Fiona's participation: use Diego phrases!

We drove to the local Metra station and hopped on a train into the city, which Fiona enjoyed immensely. She was telling me everything she saw outside: "Dad, look, a house! And another house! That car is driving! I see a garbage truck!" A short 40 minutes later we pulled into the train station, Fiona hopped into her stroller, and we were off.

We walked down toward Michigan Ave, and stopped just to get a picture taken by the former Marshall Fields-now-Macy's store on State Street.

Next was a stop by Millennium Park and it's famous Cloud Gate sculpture - AKA "The Bean." This was lots of fun to run around. Fiona had a blast running under it and looking at her reflection.

It was pretty chilly that weekend, and so I decided to pop inside for a while to warm up, so we headed down to the Art Institute of Chicago, or as I explained to Fiona, "The Artwork Museum." I had one reason to go into this museum: to see "Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat. You may know it better as that painting that Cameron keeps staring at in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." It took a while to find it, and Fiona was very well-behaved as we walked through all sorts of 19th century exhibits. Not only did we get to see that great painting, but we saw some terrific works of art from Monet, Renoir, and Edward Hopper.

After that enlightening experience, we went and had an equally enlightening lunch at McDonald's. Then it was back on the train and on our way home. Below are some pictures we took during our Weekend Adventure, including Fiona's snapshot of Michigan Avenue. It was an outing that I know we will both treasure!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

You will have to forgive us, there are no pictures in this post either. We are having technical issues with our camera and promise once we can, we will post pictures of the girls. I also want to take this opportunity to point out that we know the picture slideshow is horribly old--Jim has been meaning to update that (aka, I have been nagging him to do it) for months now. One day.

Here we are at Valentine's day already--where have the past four months gone? Nora continues to get big and grow up each day. She is really close to rolling over both from back to belly and vice versa, she loves to chew on toys now, attempts to sit up on her own, and from time to time sleeps through the night. Nora is a very happy baby with twinkly eyes and an adorable smile--she loves company and gets lonely easily. Jim even managed to get her to giggle in a video that he promises to upload when able. She loves to watch Fiona and Fiona loves to "play" with Nora. I can only imagine what they will be like in a year.

Meanwhile, Fiona is growing up at a rapid speed. We just registered her yesterday for summer camp--Camp Firefly, totally adorable--and preschool. I feel like just yesterday she was Nora's age, but then remember that she will be 3 in just over a month. Fiona is still diverse in her interests; she loves all things Princess, yet also loves music, art, crafts, singing, cooking, and fixing things with tools. She really enjoys going to the classes she is enrolled in, making new friends, and learning anything and everything. We have a few great videos of her antics that I hope to get on here one of these days.

We hope all our friends and family are enjoying this Valentine's day. Hallmark may have created the holiday, but it is still a great reminder to tell those close to you that you love them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Boldischar girls are plotting against us yet again. These children!

Nora slept straight through the night for two nights in a row last week and then...she decided to pretend to be a newborn again. That wasn't attractive at 6 weeks, let alone at 16 weeks. Who knows why but Nora wakes up every 2-3 hours to chat, coo, whine, and blow raspberries. She is a lonely child and will ramp up her efforts to get us in her room until we cave. It is maddening. We find she wakes up easily and needs to be comforted back to sleep, usually with her pacifier. However, at 4am this morning she wouldn't take her pacifier and just simply smiled at me. I am sure I heard her whisper "fool" and let out an evil laugh.

Fiona continues to wake up before dawn and now added not actually falling asleep until 9 or 10pm into the mix. It has become a common occurrence for one child to wake up as one child falls asleep for naps, too. That is always fun. They time it so they are both asleep long enough for me to sit down on the couch, let out a half sigh, and then awake.

Let me also mention the naptime joke of various trains, buses, construction and emergency vehicles that parade around our home. Both girls have white noise sound machines in their rooms to try to block out the noise of the neighborhood/house, but I have a near heart attack every time I put Nora to sleep and hear one of the mentioned ear-sores. It is beyond obnoxious around here and I SWEAR its only when Nora is sleeping. There must have been a drill the other afternoon when I saw three fire engines and 1 ambulance drive with their sirens blaring around the block. TWICE. I was cursing them under my breath praying that Nora was in REM sleep.

I think its fair to say that I don't have good sleepers. Fine for the one parent who functions well without sleep and really crappy for the one who needs as much as possible to even blink. I will let you guess which one stays at home all day doing the nap dance.

You know when your Mother tells you something like "just wait, someday you will have kids and they will do to you what you are doing to me". Well, I am getting Jim's payback--he wasn't a good sleeper and full of energy where I was, well, a dream.

It is a very good thing that the girls are both so cute, otherwise they might be in serious trouble. However, I have been saying that about Jim for 12 years now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good stuff

Sorry for a post delay, a lot has happened this week. I flew to MN for a weekend with my nurse friends, Jim took Fiona on a train to Chicago, Nora slept through the night, I got a job, its been a bit of a blur. :) What can I say, life is good. Nora had two nights of five hour stretches, then six, and then the blessed night of eight hours straight. For the record, Nora slept from 9:45pm to 5am at exactly 15 weeks. Its been two nights now and we are feeling pretty good! She is also napping in her crib (addios swing) three times a day, drooling like a faucet, still quite content, and trying to roll over from her belly to her back. Too cute.

Fiona is doing great, too. She has been getting up really early lately so Jim put a digital clock in her room with all the numbers blacked out except the important one. Jim told her not to come out of her room until it said 7 and that has proved to be quite funny to Fiona. She has yet to see 7, however we have had quite a few funny number talks. She asked what time she went to nap and I said 1, then she asked what time nap was over and I told her 3. I heard her wake up from nap at 4, gasp and whisper "Wow, its FOUR". Amen, sister!

The job. I will be working again as a Labor and Delivery nurse starting in March. I am looking forward to getting out of the house and doing what I love. However, I can't help but think of my old hospital and my old friends. I was at the new place this afternoon doing some employment paperwork and I couldn't help compare, well, everything. It was a bit of a bizarro universe moment for me. On to the new chapter, I guess.

Here are some pics of the girls from this week:

Nora in her jumperoo:

Fiona has gone on a picture hiatus, I promise
its not me forgetting to snap pics of her. She will
only give us a quick smile. Here is one:

Silly girl:
Nora sitting pretty at 15 weeks: