Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nora update

Happy 1 week to Nora Kathleen!

Nora returned to the doctor today for her second weight check. She had lost a full pound after delivery and was showing signs of dehydration over the weekend. I am beyond thrilled to say that that is behind us now. Nora gained a full 8oz in 3 days and now weighs 7lbs 13oz. She is now a content baby who can sleep for a couple of hours not in our arms and has plenty of wet diapers. It is a great comfort for us to see these changes in our sweet little girl. Keep growing, Nora!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Portrait

My sister Natalie requested a family photo - here we are the day we came back from the hospital!

Also included is a picture of our kids. I don't think this will make the cut for this year's photo Christmas card.

Friday, October 24, 2008

At Home - Day 2

We're settling in, but are quite tired. Nora likes two things: eating and sleeping whilst being held. The first keeps Wendy awake, and the second keeps me awake. Here's what was going on at our house this afternoon.

This was so worth downloading these two songs off iTunes...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going Home!

We're heading home from the hospital today! Here's Nora in her going home outfit, along with some very nice flowers we received. She's trimmed down to just under 8 lbs but is nursing very well! Off to the homefront where we'll become a family of four, plus Casey.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nora Video


Meet our new daughter!

Nora Kathleen Boldischar

Born 11:32am this morning

8lbs, 5 oz.

20 1/2 inches

Nora and Wendy are both doing great! Keep checking back for more pictures and videos.

Day 2 Update #2

Sometime today we're going to meet this baby! Wendy is currently enjoying her epidural. When she was in this stage with Fiona, we thought it would take hours for Wendy to become complete, another hour or two of pushing, so we thought it would be wee hours of the morning. Turned out to be very quick. We'll see if today moves just as quickly, or if it is a bit slower.

Next post will be introducing you to our new baby!

Day 2

Wendy's water has broken - stay tuned!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Labor Update #3

Here's the latest - they're switching medications that will likely result in a baby being born tomorrow. Good news is that Wendy gets some food in her empty belly, and the room has a DVD player, so I'm off to the nearest Redbox. Bad news is it's one additional night in the hospital. The beds - including this fold-out thing I'm going to be on - aren't exactly Heavenly Beds! So, in short - good night until tomorrow.


is not here yet...

Oops - did I fool ya? Sorry 'bout that.

WELL, what we first thought would be another fairly quick delivery has turned into a slow day of labor. Been here for 9 hours, and progress has been slow but steady. Whoever is in there is certainly stubborn! Wendy has been doing fantastic - she's handling the contractions like a champ. Thanks for staying tuned - hopefully we get to post a baby picture before the night is over!!!

Labor Update #2

"I'm definitely uncomfortable," those are words from Wendy's mouth. Still not into the heavy labor, though. Keep you posted!

Labor Update

Well, here we are! Wendy's dose of pitocin started at 7:00am. Contractions will be picking up in frequency and strength as the morning goes on. Stay tuned for updates!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The pictures to prove it

Here you go, folks--one very pregnant woman!

Soon enough it will be goodbye to that bump and hello to the babe.

Induction Junction

OK People, we're about 24 hours away from child #2's induction. The house is basically ready for the baby: miniature diapers have been stocked, crib has been assembled, bottles have been washed, coffee, Diet Coke and Red Bull have been purchased (for Mom and Dad, of course).

The latest vote results are in - in a stunning move not seen since Truman defeated Dewey 60 years ago, Baby Brother has moved ahead of Baby Sister on the Blog Poll. Keep in mind that not all precincts have reported, so I'm not yet calling this election.

This morning at breakfast, I told Fiona that we were going to watch a football game today: Vikings vs. Bears. Then I asked her: "Who do we want to win: The Vikings or the Bears?" She answered, "The Vikings." Needless to say, my heart swelled with pride. Wendy then pointed out that, with the arrival of the new baby, we'll have two native Illinoisans and two native Minnesotans. Maybe next year we'll all go to Soldier Field to watch the big game!

Skol Vikings!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our last days with only one child

Fiona isn't going to be an only child for much longer and we have both been trying to enjoy our last moments as a family of three. We love watching Fiona grow up and it seems like she does every day! She is one of the funniest little kids and always amazes us with her vocabulary skills. Here are some examples of our talker, we have learned that if you tell her something once she will remember it forever.

As we were driving past a school that she sees every day she randomly said "Mom, I am going to go to school. Maybe that school. Not until I am 5, though. I might take the bus or you might drive me in your car". Wow, am I talking to a 2.5 year old?

There are also emotional moments. Fiona likes to pretend she is sad or mad and we just go along with it. This "game" hit a new level this morning at breakfast when she randomly said "I don't want to be a part of this family anymore. I am leaving!". When we asked where she would live if she left she simply replied "in the other room". Alrighty.

Our little girl also has babies on the brain (wonder why) and loves talking about the baby in her Mommy's belly as I have mentioned before. This morning she said the baby is going to clap and eat her waffles. She has already said she will be in charge of holding the baby and kissing her--sounds good to us.

As for the second child, he/she seems to be just as stubborn as Fiona was. I have 13 days until my due date and although I seem ready to go, the baby has other plans. I think I know where this is going and who is running the show. Again.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Farm Farm Footage

Here's a video of Fiona's recent visit to Lamb's Farm, where she spent lots of time with the sheep - aka "You guys."