Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby issues?

We are now less then four weeks from my due date and thus starting to prepare our house for the wee one. This meant Jim found all the essential baby gear, including the co-sleeper and the baby seat. Fiona took an immediate interest in all the gear and climbed into the baby seat quite a few times. She climbed in there, turned on the music and vibration, and got comfy. It was funny. At first. That lead to her putting her baby in the seat and singing to her. Next, Fiona was in the seat with her baby's bottle telling me that she was a baby. Alrighty.

I took a couple of pictures and then swiftly banished the seat to the basement. I don't need to encourage this child's active imagination--she already has told me that she has a baby "floating" in her belly and that my baby is wearing pajamas in my belly. Oh, the fun times are coming!

This picture is her "crying like a baby", which I have found sounds a lot like toddler crying, but who I am to critique? I will be hearing both soon enough.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Farm fun

My Mom and I took Fiona to a local farm last week that we have been meaning to check out since we moved here. Fiona just loves every kind of animal (hello Diego obsession), so I thought this would be perfect. It was a fun time for her, but quite lame. There weren't very many animals out, but she did get to see goats, a cow, a horse, chickens, llamas, and a pig. I got a very funny video of her talking to the goats, but Jim will have to upload that since I am clueless in that area.

Fiona checking out this huge cow:

Walking by the pigs, uninterested:

The one sad horse there:

Us looking at the llamas. She thought they were cute:
(This can also act as a 35 week belly shot for those interested)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Monet Boldischar

No, that is not the name we are thinking of for our next child. That is who Fiona became last week when it rained for days on end and we stayed in to do "art".
Check it out:

I have a few random updates and I am going to post them here so they don't get their own boring entry.
Fiona is still on her potty training hiatus, she has gone a few times, but nothing consistant. She asked to start going and getting stickers again last night, but we'll see. She also started a drop-off preschool-like class today. Jim dropped her off so I could sleep in (isn't he awesome?) and she got to bring a lunch in a new Hello Kitty lunchbag. When I picked her up she was really happy and couldn't wait to tell me all about her day. She sang songs the entire way home, even! Not bad. When we got home she noticed that Jim pulled out all the baby gear and kept telling me how happy she was that the baby was coming. We talked about the car seat, swing, co-sleeper and she was fascinated by it all. The clincher? At the end of our talk, she climbed into the bucket car seat and asked me for a bottle with a huge grin. Oh my, I see my future issues already!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sneaky monkey

After a trip to Target, I was unloading the car and Fiona was playing with some toys in the garage. It got really quiet all of a sudden and then I could hear giggling. I looked and found our monkey had climbed into the trunk of my CRV (quite tall for a two year old) and was playing around in there. Here are the pictures as proof:

Friday, September 12, 2008


Jim and I went on a babymoon (you know, the vacation before the baby comes) to Seattle, WA a few weeks ago to get some R&R. Jim got free airfare with Sun Country Airlines, which was great. The only bad part was that we had to drive to MSP and fly from there. Easy for folks not in their third trimester, a bit of a challenge for those who are. I have to admit that I was feeling a little crazy on the first day with the drive to MSP coupled with the 3.5 hour flight. It wasn't helped by a long walk to dinner, where Jim got us lost and I demanded a taxi. Needless to say, we took taxis everywhere after that! It was a good weekend with cooler weather, a blessed Westin hotel room (my personal fave!), good and warm food, no toddler demands, and even some site seeing.

Here are the pictures:

Me not happy after a long travel day PLUS a walk. Not to mention Jim taking unsolicited pictures of me.

The Space Needle

View from the Space Needle

The couple

The harbor cruise we took

Pike's Place Market

34 weeks and upright!

My last OB update (well, lets hope):

The blood pressure was great that whole week, so it was either a few flukes or rest helped. Either way, the doctor said I could get back to normal activity and just check my blood pressure as needed. Phew! Also, the baby has flipped to head down, so we are back in business again.

Thanks for thinking of us everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Preggo update

I went to my OB today and after reviewing the ultrasound report, she isn't concerned yet about the baby's size or position. Phew! We agreed to wait until I am 37 weeks, check out the status, and then make a plan. I can live with that.

However, I am typing this on Jim's laptop from the couch with my feet up. Sound familiar? My blood pressure is quite high for me and has been creeping up over the past month. The doctor encouraged me to "increase the amount of rest I get during daytime hours"--sounds like light bed rest if I ever heard it. She knows what I went through last time and how proud I am of making this far without bed rest, so that was her PC way of putting it. I will do this for a week, take my blood pressure twice a day, and then see her again next week where we will make a new plan.

I almost made it to 33 weeks, too! Dang.

Alas, I am going to think calm and positive thoughts for a week while I attempt to rest with a high energy two year old. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sorry folks, I have no pictures. I will just say that up front. I will work on it, promise.

Here we are in September already--where did the summer go? Oh yeah, moving to Chicago and having a second child. I almost forgot. Fall is almost upon us and it brings more change to the Boldischar household.

Fiona is doing good, definitely better after kicking a nasty round of Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. She was doing great with potty training and then hit a snag. She decided that she no longer wanted anything to do with the toilet. Well, that could be a problem. After a couple of weeks of bribes, tricks, and a lot of Mommy-stress, we have decided to let her take the lead. Fiona wants to use her pull-ups still and we hope someday she will pick up where she left off. The thing about her is that she is strong-willed and knows what she wants. Righto.

I am just about 33 weeks pregnant now and still delighted to have avoided bed rest this time around. (knock on wood) However, our second child is proving to be like their big sister. After a couple of OB appointments where I was measuring bigger than I should, we went in for an ultrasound to measure the baby. The baby is 2-3 weeks bigger than its dates and....completely sideways. I wasn't shocked because I had a dream/premonition of that very moment a few days prior. As a labor and delivery nurse, I am not pleased, but am trying to gear myself up for the potential of a different delivery. We won't know until the end, anyway, so I am trying to take the wait and see approach (something I am not great at).

September is prep month for us. We have yet to set up any kind of nursery, drag out old baby gear, wash gender neutral newborn clothes, buy baby essentials, tour the hospital I chose to deliver at, or pick a name. Who can spot denial? Anyone?