Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I call this placenta brain

I mean, really, Wendy?? Obviously I am an idiot. CLEARLY those pictures aren't from ONE year ago--duh. My sweet mother just pointed out that Fiona is no one year old in those pictures and it hit me. Sorry, readers!

That is just proof of what I call placenta brain--or pregnancy induced forgetfulness. Sheesh. I have it badly this time around, likely due to not working. I actually lost my car the other day and wandered around the parking lot looking for it.

At least I know where my child is. Wait, where is she?! :)

One year ago today.

I was thinking today about how quickly your child grows up, yet how subtle the changes are since you see them every day. Fiona is this young girl now and it feels like only yesterday that she was just a small baby.

Well, to show what a year can do I wanted to find some old pictures of Miss Fiona. Here are some taken exactly one year ago today. It amazes me that its just been 365 days since these moments were captured. Today our girl was dancing and singing in music class, walking along the curb alone, and peed in a public toliet (impressive, right?!). Wow.

Ahh, the days when a child would just lay on a blanket with a couple of toys for fun. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Preggo gal

To prove that I am indeed pregnant, I was brave and let Jim take pictures of me. Please be kind!

Here are the 27+ week shots and my new hair color thanks to my talented niece Lauren:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eight years of happiness

On July 22, 2000 I married my best friend and the sweetest man I have ever met.

James William Boldischar has been my rock, my love, my laugh, and the one person that makes me weak in the knees since I first met him in 1995 at Benilde St Margaret High School. He has continued to surprise me in every way and is a true example of great husband.

We have been together for 12 years, living under the same roof for 11, married for 8, and parents for 2+. I know we will see many more years to come.

I love you, Jimmy, with all of my heart. Still.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We have a swimmer!

One of the perks of our current housing situation is that we live across the street from a large water park. Its at the community center and has two pools, 3 slides, and a lazy river. Jim signed him and Fiona up for Parent-Tot swim lessons for two weeks in the evening and they just graduated last week. Fiona started uneasy in the water, but quicky became a little fish--go figure!

I was able to sneak in and take a few pictures of her lesson. Pretty priceless watching her cling to her father in the first lesson and jump into his arms at the end.

Here is the bathing beauty showing off her new suit:

Yes, I have gotten several comments on her long flowing locks. This was a good hair day is all I can say.

The cheesy smile:

Fiona just barely letting one arm into the water:

One of the first jumps where she really just floated to her Dad:

Fiona asks to go to the pool just about every day now. Given the fact that her parents are not big swimmers, we don't go that often! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Boldischar gathering

I was waiting for Jim to post these pictures, but I might be waiting until next summer, so I decided to do it myself. :)

Jim's sister Mary turned 40 over the holiday weekend and to mark such an important event and lovely lady, we headed up to Minnesota. My in-laws had a nice BBQ at their place and every single Boldischar was there, a somewhat rare event. It was a great time and a perfect chance to get some family photos. Here they are:

The Boldischar children: From left to right in back is Paul, Mark, Jim, Pat. From left to right in front is Natalie, Mary, and Laura.

Here are the proud parents with their colorful brood:

And...the whole gang! If you are counting, that is two parents, seven children, five in-laws, and 12.5 grandchildren (our bump being the .5 and lucky number 13).

I have to add, that is a great picture of an amazing family!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More potty talk

However, now it is all about the actual potty.

We started potty training Fiona last Saturday morning. That is a huge sentence if you haven't been down that road in your life yet. I mean, the Emmy nominations this morning? Jim and I should win one each for Best Potty Support.

Alright boys and girls, lets jump on into this topic. You know you wanna know. Potty training is something that all parents have to do and become somewhat obsessed with at some point. Everyone wants to know how its done and none of us really know what we are doing.

I knew I had to start the process as you can remember a few months ago when Fiona started showing signs that she was "ready". In true Wendy-fashion I read a few books (shocker, I know) about the topic ahead of time, went to Target to buy bags of supplies, developed a plan, lost some sleep, and then told Jim how it was all going to work. If you know me, you know that I tackle every issue/problem/transition the same way--like a nurse.

Saturday morning was the start. The nighttime diaper went off and the bum became naked. I figured it was the best way to learn and it didn't take long. Now, you might be calling us brave for leaving her naked to run around our house. We were. And she peed on the carpet and a couch pillow. ONCE. That was all it took for her to not do it again. Aha moment for everyone! Every time she went on the potty chair, she got two insanely happy parents who were cheering and then a sticker on her success chart. Golden.

It has been six days now and Fiona has done so well. She likes being a "big girl" and not wearing diapers during the day. The cheap reward of a sticker has gone a long way so far and nearly every member of my family has been given the grand tour of her bodily functions by the proud child. Hey, whatever it takes, right?!

I must say that it isn't easy and definitely not what I want to do in the third trimester of my pregnancy, but someone has to do it. There is nothing like seeing that proud little face and the naked bum is cute too! Not to mention the fact that I get to hear the following conversation between my dear husband and sweet daughter:

Fiona: "Daddy! Daddy! I made yellow pee pee in my potty!"
Jim: (imagine a very high pitched voice here) "You did?! Yeah for pee pee!!"

I mean, that is love, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deep thoughts

Not from me, from Fiona. You know, my two year old who is going on twenty?

Guess what we talked about in the car this morning on the way to music class. Growing up.
It was a spontaneous conversation started by said toddler. Here is the snippet:

Fiona: Mom, where are we going?
Wendy: We are going to music class, remember?
Fiona: Oh....yeah. Cool.
Fiona: Mom, when I grow up.....I am going to grow up.
Wendy: (Smile) That's good, baby.
Fiona: Yep.
Wendy: It takes some people a long time to get that idea. (Chuckle)
Fiona: (Chuckle) Yeah...

She continues to amaze me.

(P.S. Jim and I apologize for our recent lack of posting and pictures. We have plenty of both in the works and will update this week. Promise.)