Sunday, June 29, 2008

It was a good run

Well, we made it 2 years, 3 months and 2 days, but on Wednesday, June 25th, 2008, Fiona finally said the "F" word.

Let me set the scene for you. I came home from work a little early, about 4:00. My mother-in-law was in the kitchen making dinner for us - which was nice. Wendy and Fiona were on the 3rd level in our bedroom, and with the TV on and Fiona playing, Wendy did not hear me come in the house.

I walked up the stairs quietly. It was not my intention to scare my pregnant wife - I swear - but as I walked into our bedroom I said "Hello?" Wendy, not expecting to see me at all, was startled, and blurted out one of her favorite exclamations. "For f**k's sake!" Without missing a beat, Fiona, who was sitting on the floor playing, said, "Hi Daddy! F**k's sake!"

Both Wendy and I tried to hide our embarrassed, laughing reaction, and I quickly gave Fiona some other things to talk about. "Fiona should we go to the park? Wow, it's really sunny outside, isn't it?" She has yet to use the phrase again - thankfully. But all in all, it was a good run.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More new phrases

Well, you might have been thinking that I didn't make the big trip to Illinois since I haven't been posting. I am here, I swear. Jim got on a nice roll of posting (finally, right?!), so I let him continue. However, some things that Fiona says or does only happens in front of me, so I thought I would share.

Our move has brought out a lot of changes in Fiona--one of which is she has increased her vocabulary in a big way. She actually sounds like a short adult to me now, which is crazy. Everything is "cool" now. This morning I told her that Go Diego Go was coming on tv and she replied with "Oh COOL, Mom!"

She sings all the time--a habit she gets from her father. Jim always has some random song in his head and feels the need to share it with me, of course, she hears it and repeats it. Lately there was an afternoon rendition of "Party all the Time" by Eddie Murphy. I came into the room to hear her singing "my girl likes to PARTY all the time, PARTY all the time...".

Just now when I came downstairs to use the computer while my Mom is visiting, I heard Fiona shout down to me: "I will come save you, Momma. I am coming!" Sure enough, she came down the stairs and said "I'm here, Mom. I saved you". Umm, ok grown child.

One day they are babbling and the next they are saving you. It goes by really quickly!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fiona in Chicago, Take 2

This time last year, we all flew down to Chicago. Loyal Boldischar Blog readers may recall the Chicago! posting. During that trip, we went to the annual Strawberry Festival in Long Grove. Now that we live in Vernon Hills, it's a lot easier to go to Long Grove - only about 10 minutes away, in fact. Here are a couple of cute pictures: Fiona last year, and this year. The brick walkways and flowers look the same, but she's changed quite a lot!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Maybe the next one...

When Fiona was very small, like 3 months old, she was very snuggly and cuddly. What 3 month old isn't, right? Well, ever since then, she has become less and less affectionate with her parents. Rarely does she just want to sit on our laps or cuddle up next to us - she is always more interested in going to find a toy to play with, a book to read, or a ball to kick. Without a doubt, she is a very active child.

In fact, even with her vast vocabulary, she almost NEVER says "I love you" to us without some prompting. If we say "I love you, Fiona," her standard response is, "Thank you." At least she's polite.

Well, yesterday Wendy and I were at the kitchen table, and Fiona was playing with one of her dolls. She was in 'Mommy Mode,' where she speaks in a soft voice and gives the doll a blanket and a bottle, etc. She laid the baby down and softly said, "I love you, very much." Wendy and I both looked at each other, surprised to hear Fiona volunteer such affection. Again she said, "I love you, I love you very much."

"Fiona," I said, "Did you tell your baby that you love her?"

She smiled and said, "Yes, I did!"

"Can you say that to Mommy?" I asked, thinking how adorable that would be if she said she loved her Mom very much.

Fiona ran up to Wendy. "Mommy!" she exclaimed. "I said I love her!" as she pointed to her doll.

Alas. Maybe this next kid will be the affectionate one.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Dear Wendy

Is celebrating her 30th Birthday today. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! She now joins me in the Thirtysomething crowd. Where we will both stay for the next 15 years.

Wendy actually shares a June 13 birthday with William Butler Yeats, Irish author and poet. I cannot resist including a poem. I thought this one was appropriate.

To A Young Girl

MY dear, my dear, I know
More than another
What makes your heart beat so;
Not even your own mother
Can know it as I know,
Who broke my heart for her
When the wild thought,
That she denies
And has forgot,
Set all her blood astir
And glittered in her eyes.