Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Farewell to Carver

Well, it's about 11:30pm Wednesday night. Tomorrow morning the movers are coming to pack everything (we are spoiled), and then they return Friday to load up the truck. After a couple of nights at Wendy's parents' house, we're driving down to Illinois on Sunday.

It's funny, exactly three years ago, we had just finished making the ever important designer decisions that come with building a home - what color carpet, types of faucets and door handles, how much money to spend on flooring and countertops. Incidentally, we chose some sort of beige, Moen faucets, and too much $ on granite and tile. I remember thinking that, after going through all that trouble - and spending that money - we would be in this house for years and years. But guess what? No one can predict the future, and here we are 2 1/2 years later, about to embark on a new adventure, a new chapter. It is exciting.

Wendy and I are going to miss this house. We won't miss the location - it takes too long to get to Target - but we will miss this house. We spent all that time envisioning what we wanted it to look like, and then we watched it being built from the ground up. First the foundation, then the framing, drywalling, to the interior finishing. It evolved from this vacant lot overlooking a river valley into our Home. In many ways, the day we moved in still seems like yesterday.

In the short time we've lived here, we have created many memories. Some good (I finally got my own lawn to mow), some not so good (Wendy endured weeks of bed rest when she was pregnant with Fiona). Of course, most of the memories - and the pictures we have to record them - are wonderful, because they involve a certain 2 year old. Her first Birthday, first Christmas, first Halloween - all took place in this house. She learned how to crawl, walk, run, run, run - on this carpet. The first friends she ever had lived next door and across the street.

In ten years, when Wendy and I are reminiscing of our time in Carver, I know that we will remember these 2 1/2 years as good times for us. But we wouldn't be leaving if we didn't know, deep down, that we had even better times waiting for us in Illinois. Especially for me - as the only native Minnesotan in this marriage, I'm walking away from the only state I've ever known. I don't like moving away from my huge family, and it will be tough for us when we inevitably miss a family gathering or a holiday get together. But our family, the three (soon to be four) of us, will be busy making all new memories of our own.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our house. It was taken the day after Christmas in 2006, from our deck overlooking the Minnesota River Valley. There was this incredible sunrise, and everything was so still and serene except for these dazzling colors in the sky. I stood outside for half an hour, shivering in my robe and winter boots, sipping coffee and taking pictures. We're leaving this view, and this house, but looking at this picture reminds me that, no matter where you live, you can always see the sun rise.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daddy's Home!

This is a big weekend in the Boldischar home: Jim has returned from Chicago! Since we haven't moved down to IL yet, Jim has been living/working there Sunday-Friday for a month now. Needless to say, that has been one long month for me and Fiona.

Jim flew home on Friday and Fiona was beyond thrilled to see her Daddy again. The great part is that he doesn't leave until we move next week. Fiona has really enjoyed spending time with her Dad and her giggles can be heard from a few houses down the street. She is definitely a Mommy's girl, but no one is quite like her Daddy. I am good for comfort and he is great at fun--a perfect team.

Of course, we broke her heart and went out to dinner without her last night. Her big cousin Emma came over to babysit (thanks Em!), but she was still a little devastated that we were both leaving her. We drove away as she was waving AND crying at the front door. Poor kid! Don't worry we made up for it today by playing with her all morning and then getting her a chocolate chip cookie at Target. All is forgiven.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New phrases and maybe a poop story

As I have posted before, Fiona has quite the vocbulary and easily picks up new words and phrases. Two of her new ones are "OH, I LOVE it" and "oh maaaaaaan". The first one is from me and the second is from that darn Swiper the Fox from Dora. You parents of preschoolers know what I am talking about. Blasted Swiper!

Here are those favorite phrases in context from today:

At breakfast Fiona knocks over her sippy cup and yells "Oh, maaaaaan". To which I cringe and explain for the 87th time that Mommy doesn't like that phrase. I insist on "oh no" which gets rejected quickly.

Can you handle a poop story? Oh, come on....

Fiona is getting ready to potty train. She has been showing readiness signs, but since I am in the process of being pregnant, living alone, getting major dental work done, AND relocating to Chicago I am dragging my heels. One of the major signs is for the child to ask to see their dirty diaper. Its a thing, I dunno.

This morning she asked to see her dirty diaper as she always does now and once she saw it she yelled: "OH MOM, I LOVE IT!". Oh Lord.

So there ya have it! That is our kid.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happur Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mom's Day, to all the mommies out there - including mine and Wendy's. Fiona and I did our best to give Wendy a special day today. Fiona put on a fancy dress for breakfast (which of course was not eaten until after Wendy got a chance to sleep in). We tried to get some pictures of Fiona in her dress, but she was playing with Casey the whole time. Later in the day, we enjoyed the nice weather playing at the park. Finally, we did our best to get a nice Mother and Daughter picture. I think this video sums up the day nicely.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Potty mouth

As I have mentioned before, Fiona has a large vocabulary and picks up new phrases very easily. We have been on high alert with certain words whenever she is around for fear of hearing it from her mouth. Considering I swore like a sailor before she was born, I feel I have done very well.
She did learn "oh my goodness" from me and said that when the school bus driver waved at her yesterday. I can deal with that.

Well, today we were driving to the mall and she was very chatty in the back. She was counting using the word number before every actual number. "Number one. Number two. Number three" Kinda cute. Until we drove by two ducks sitting in a pond....that got her attention and out came.....

Number F**k.

You can see how the start of the word four and the duck quickly combined.

Luckily she couldn't see my shocked expression, otherwise it might have been repeated. Afterwards it was kinda funny, especially since she just kept on counting.

Lets hope thats the last time she says a naughty word. (Yeah right)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have no pictures. Don't shoot me, but things have been a little hectic in the Boldischar household lately--the camera is dusty.

I can give you a few updates/stories and hope this will hold you over until I can take a few pictures. Things have been slightly stressful here with a energetic two year old, a traveling husband, preparing to move to another state, and a pregnancy full of morning sickness and three sinus infections. See, I have decent excuses.

Speaking of pregnancy, the update there is that everything remains healthy. I am now 15 weeks and the baby is doing well. I have been very ill and feel nothing like I did with Fiona--now, I know that makes you think its a boy. We'll have to wait until October for that! Jim and I are not going to find out the gender ahead of time. We didn't with Fiona and really liked the surprise. Also, I am a Labor and Delivery nurse who has seen a number of children leave the hospital in the wrong color clothes due to a bad call during the ultrasound. No thanks!

On to Fiona, she is loving that the warmer weather (finally) hit Minnesota. She goes outside several times a day and loves to play with bubbles, swing, and run. She is quickly adapting adult converstions and phrases which make us laugh out loud. At dinner lastnight Jim said "whats up" to me (I know, a true gentleman) and she answered "umm, nuthin' Dad". Ha! Fiona has also taken to the idea of a baby in Mama's belly. She likes to talk, sing, and hug the baby. She was very concerned one evening that the baby was hungry and tried to feed them a Cheerio...through my belly button. A moment that makes you realize, you are a mother without a doubt.

We are at the one month countdown to the big move. I am trying to find time to clean out some of our belongings, but thank ING everyday for sending us packers and movers. It will be a big transition, but one we are all looking foward to. Even Fiona wants to go to "Cheeago", mostly because she has been promised a big girl bed in her new room. Whatever it takes!