Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nursery Rhyme Time!

Hot off the press! Fiona was serenading us this evening during dinner, so I grabbed the digital camera to get this video clip. As I've mentioned before, our camera doesn't record the best video, so I apologize for the fuzzy focus. And, please pardon the applause from the two proud parents!

Speaking of, Fiona will get lots of practice with these nursery rhymes when she sings them to her new sibling this fall! We haven't officially posted this news yet, though we've had lots of fun telling our families - Wendy is due on October 23rd! (applause from Jim). We are all very excited - today Fiona was talking to 'the baby in momma's belly.' When I asked what the baby's name was, she said "Dolly." I assume she's referring to one of her dolls, and not Dolly Parton.

Speaking of life-changing news, we're also preparing to relocate to the Chicago suburbs! My new job (applause from Wendy) starts May 1, and we're planning our move to the Northern Chicago Suburbs around June 1st. So, new baby...new job...new city...other than that, things are the same around here!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Last Wednesday was a rough day. I was trying to hurry through some chores while Fiona played with her toys before we left the house. Why is it that toddlers ALWAYS make a big mess when you have very little time? Its like they sense that you are busy and on a tight schedule and want to throw you off your game. Well, these two pictures defintely show me off my game.

You go into a cabinet to get one thing, you leave it open ONCE, you leave the room for a matter of moments, and this is what you return to find:

Now, you could yell. You could scream. You could cry. You could walk away. You could drive yourself to the looney bin. OR, you can smile to yourself (god forbid you laugh out loud and encourage this behavior) and take a few pictures and know that it is a memory. Plus, it gives you the perfect "pick up your mess" teaching moment. :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am a baby!

Fiona is a big girl now and knows it. However, sometimes, she wants to be a baby again. Here she is climbing in the pack-n-play for her dolls.

Note how proud she is when she finally bends herself into the tiny thing!


Last week, I helped out our neighbor Nanci by watching her 18 month old son Leo for the day. Fiona enjoyed having a friend over, but really wasn't happy sharing her toys. I kept hearing "NO Leo! Thats mine!". Luckily, there was no violence and defintely no tears.

Here they are playing well together: