Thursday, January 31, 2008

Language Explosion!

Fiona has added a lot of new words to her vocabularly this month and has even started using two or three word sentences. I find this fascinating! She is finally telling me what she wants. Tonight she was playing with her Little People Zoo and wanted me to join in the fun. What did she say to get that to happen? "Momma, sit here (pointing to the floor next to her)". I mean, who can resist that?

Here is another cute Fionaism for you fans. Last week Jim taught Fiona to say "see you later" after someone said bye. Well, when I said bye to her the other day she quickly replied with "culator". I smiled and repeated it back to her. What came out of that precious mouth next? "Like a diamond in a sky!". It has been confirmed several times since then that is indeed the correct phrase. Where did she come up with that? I have racked my brain thinking of the possible connections between 'see you later' and the song Twinkle Twinkle and come up with nothing.

Yet more proof that she is her own person. Perhaps she is a lingual trendsetter. You never know.

Like a diamond in the sky, Readers!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bummin' with my Momma

I spent this past weekend visiting with friends in Charleston, S.C. and today Fiona spent some good quality time together. We played really hard all morning and then crashed in front of the television.

Here are some shots of Miss Fiona chillin'. Enjoy!
The girl always had odd positions to get comfortable in:

Eating a cookie I baked her:

Say "CHEESE" Fiona:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fiona Apple

I believe I have mentioned here before that Fiona is one picky eater. She eats a few things (bread, potatoes, pasta, some fruit, yogurt), but dislikes a lot of foods. When we find something that she likes and will eat a good amount of, it causes a bit of a celebration. Here are a few pictures from an evening of her eating an apple after dinner.

(For the record, this will be the last time I ever refer to my daughter as Fiona Apple.)

Would you look at all those teeth? No wonder she can eat an apple! I love the drunken-bliss look after eating almost a whole apple, too.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My reflection through my daughter's eyes

As a parent you realize that someday your child will be grown and may or may not be similar to you. They may hold your values or may reject them. They might be influenced by your choices of music, religion, politics, interests based on your significant role in their daily lives.

You don't expect to see that in life when they are 21 months old, however.

Our daughter has long been copying some of the things we do and say for a long time. Doesn't everyone remember that video we posted of her climbing up on a dinner chair and reading a magazine??? Now, she is becoming like us. She "parents" her toys the way we parent her. She changes her voice to this sweet, high-pitched voice when she is talking to or playing with her babies. She discplines the dog the way that we do. "No, Casey. Down!" She reads books outloud the same way her Daddy does every night at bedtime. It is amazing to see.

The first time I heard her speak to her baby in a loving way was when her baby was crying. I was quietly watching her interact and floored by her facial expressions. "Wahhh wahhhh. Oh no, baby. Ok...sssshhhh". A few minutes later after Fiona had stumbled I heard my own voice saying something similar. Scary!

The point is that it really does begin early and you really should know that you are changing who they are as people at a tender age. Like everything else in being a parent, you do your best and pray it is enough. And when you hear compassion coming from your toddler, you say a little thank you prayer.

Now, who wants to take credit for Fiona screaming at the top of her lungs when she doesn't get her way??


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Laundry Helper

Fiona's learning how to put on a shirt by herself - not quite there yet, but she's trying. Well, this week while we were folding laundry, she decided to 'help.' She took a pair of my boxers and decided to make this fashion statement. Rest assured, these were CLEAN.