Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas to all!

We had a very nice Christmas - here's hoping you did as well. Wendy was scheduled to work Christmas eve at 7pm until Christmas morning at 7am, which made for some less-than-ideal Christmas plans. Fiona and I went to my family's Christmas Eve celebration while Wendy was still sleeping before her shift, and then she met us there about an hour before she had to work. That is, until she got a call from the hospital - they were overstaffed, and she wasn't needed until 11pm. That was great, because she got to stay for all of the festivities, including dinner, dessert, and the chaotic grandchildren gift opening. Unfortunately, we only have one 'good' pic of Fiona's Christmas dress - despite my attempts, she simply wouldn't let go of her purple plate.

Wendy also was fortunate to be let off from her shift early at 3am, which meant she didn't have to come home and sleep until the afternoon. So we also got to have a nice Christmas Day together.

As for Miss Fiona, she enjoyed all of her gifts. Her many, many gifts. Today Wendy and I spent most of the day assembling her various toys. She likes them all so far, but I think her favorites are her pretend kitchen, her life size Dora doll, and her two new Teletubbies. She already had the other two, so this now gives her the full set. As you can see from this video, she took to them right away.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That is right, folks, our daughter can count! For a couple of months now she has been counting to three in Spanish (thanks Dora!) and English. Well, now she can count to ten in English. We have yet to get the whole thing on video, but I promise we are trying. So, add counting to shapes and colors for the new things Fiona learned this month. If you ask this mother, the sweetest thing ever is hearing Fiona say "Momma, purple triangle". Of course, it sounds more like "Momma, burble trraungle", but it can't be beat!

To keep you going until we do get that hysterical counting on tape, here are some pics from this week.

LaLa needs a new diaper:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lost in Translation

I was trying to record Fiona making these funny faces at the dinner table. What I ended up with is a common occurrence in our house these days - Wendy and I trying to translate what Fiona is saying. In this case, we were able to decipher her words just fine - but sometimes, if we take too long to figure her out, we get blessed with a lovely temper tantrum.

And yes, we do feed her pierogies. It's one of her favorite foods.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Great Imitator

Fiona has begun imitating us this month. Actually, she imitates me most of the time, just because we spend so much time together. She pretends to clean, cook, read books, talk on the phone, change diapers, do laundry, and put on big girl clothes. I suppose thats all that I do in a day. Maybe I should show her how I save the world, deliver babies, and solve complicated math problems, too!

Here are some pictures that I took of her putting on my winter hat and gloves.

Hello mushmouth:

"Like my hat?":

Notice our dog, Casey, in the background.

Friday, December 7, 2007

See ya glasses!!!!

Please excuse this post all about Wendy, but life-changing events call for a blog post. This past Wednesday I got Lasik surgery. I have been thinking about it for many years and finally got the courage to do it this week.

First, let me tell you (if you don't already know) that I pride myself on being a tough person when it comes to medical stuff. Give me blood and guts every day and I am in a great mood. Someone has to attend all the c-sections, right?! Anyway, I have a thing about eyes. I dread that yearly puff of air test when you need your eyes checked, I freak if I get something in my eye, I can never watch any TV show with eye injuries, and when I was 16 and needed contacts it took me a total of 6 hours to get one in. Yep, I hate eyes.

I was incredibly nervous before the procedure. Scratch that, anything involving multiple lasers is surgery, not a procedure. They gave me one little Valium beforehand and I tried my R.N. card to get another one; no sale. I cannot bring myself to type about the actual surgery just yet due to my traumatized brain, but we will just say it is over. Oh, and I would much rather give birth again. With one little Valium.

Alas, here I am typing at the computer with no corrective lenses. A first for me in the whole 29.5 years I have been on the planet. I got glasses when I was 8 years old (a cute little pastel pink pair I still have somewhere) and was just about legally blind. I suppose its worth dry eyes and a oh so sexy red spot on my eye for a month. Right?

Either way, its done and I have been told that I will soon be singing the praises of Mr Lasik. For now, I thank him and just ask that he stay away from me for awhile.

So, here is my goodbye to glasses. You did your job very well, but you were a pain in the bum to keep clean (hello toddler!) and hid my green eyes from my sweet husband. Addios!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving December

I have no excuse, other than being a bit of a procrastinator. I think that may end up on my tombstone some day: "Loving Father, Husband, and procrastinator." So here are a couple of pics from Thanksgiving. It was a low-key holiday this year, as Wendy - unfortunately - had to work that night at 7pm. Fiona and I spent the afternoon/evening at my sisters', though Wendy did stop by for a tasty dinner before the start of her shift. For the record, Fiona ate mashed potatoes, a bit of turkey, and pumpkin pie. Oh, and this yogurt drink.